Loungefly Teases New Men's and Unisex Bags are Coming in 2023

We continue our Loungefly D23 Expo coverage as we discuss with them the interesting topic of the gender divide in the line. These adorable bags are incredible, but they are definitely designed for a more female audience. Their smaller designs seem more dedicated towards a purse replacement or something along those lines, but that can be looked past after you just see the creativity and artwork on each bag. I know there are a couple of Goofy and Buzz Lightyear ones I have been eyeing for quite some time. However, there are plenty of other male collectors out there starting to join in the Loungefly crazed, and the company had a very interesting answer for us talking about this increase in popularity. We talked to llana McBride (Director of Marketing & Social), Derrick Baca (Senior Vice President of Creative Innovation and Vision), and Liz DeSilvia (Vice President of Creative) this time, with both giving us just the answers we were hoping for. 

How are you going about kind of bridging that gender divide? Because it seems like there are so many guys who can't wear them because they're too "girly."

Llana – "We actually have a smallish campaign called Men Wear Minis that is really like we have some influencers and people who really stand by men can wear these too. But we get it, some guys are bigger, and some guys really don't feel like that's masculine enough. We do make some larger sizes, they're fewer and far between, but that will be changing in our 2023 landscape. We will have more to offer for men across various IPs, but it will be very much with a men's viewpoint in our creative team's minds."

I've had a lot of my male friends feel a little bit shut out just because these minibags feel a little more on the feminine side. How are you looking to help bridge that gender gap?

Derek – "So I would say that when Liz and I joined the company about four years ago, obviously a much smaller company was very nice. It has grown significantly from that with the growth before; mostly females were into it. Now, as we're growing a lot of males, and we hear the feedback. We are going to be announcing next year that we will be supporting that. I'm not going to tell you specifically how, but we are. We will have more extended sizes, we will have larger bags, and we are going to cater to more of a unisex world versus a male versus a female. (Loungefly) wants to be all-inclusive, we want to be a lifestyle brand, so we will be bringing more things than the normal, average guy who wants to wear just a backpack that's not a mini. We will have more options."

Well, that you have it; you heard it right here at Bleeding Cool that new male-designed bags are on the way. This answer has plenty of gears going in my head, as will this mean Loungefly will now have a bigger canvas? Will prices increase for these bigger bags? All of these and more will be answered in the coming months, and it is something we are greatly looking forward to knowing more about. To find your own style and fandom, check out everything Loungefly has to offer right here. Stay tuned for more of our D23 Expo Loungefly Interview as we talk about design, creativity, and apparel.  

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