Masters of the Universe Power Con 2020 Mattel Reveals – Eternia Minis

Power Con 2020 was in flux this past weekend and that means new Masters of the Universe collectibles. We have already covered some of the new stuff like Mega Construx, Little People, and more here. We have also already seen new Wave 3 figures from Mattel's MOTU Origins figure line. Some of those exclusives were great to see and with exclusives like Kaldor and Kronos, they will be hot. Fans can check out all of those Master of the Universe Origins figure reveals here. This time, Eternia is getting miniature with the newest reveals for their widely popular Eternia Minis line. This line is really started to make a buzz and these new reveals are a great way to get new collectors excited about the line. For those unaware of the Eternia Minis, they are mystery blind boxes that come in mini castles. These buff figures feature both heroes and villains and include a weapon and some from the first wave have been found at Walmart already. Mattel has given updates and revealed some new figures heading out a way for Fall 2020.

Eternia Minis

  • Road Ripper
  • Roton
  • Wave 3 Theme – Slime Pit
  • Wave 4 Theme – Anti-Eternia
  • Mini-Multipacks – 4 Packs with Dio box (Online Exclusive)

Sneak peeks of what lies ahead have been revealed with Wave 2 consisting of the ever-popular Slime Pit and Wave 3 being Anti-Eternia minis. A new castle blind box has been shown as well letting collectors know what wave is currently out. There will also be some Masters of the Universe Eternia Mini Vehicles heading our way with the Road Ripper and Roton brining miniaturized. To top it all off, there will be two online exclusive multi-packs featuring He-Man and other heroes and Skeleton and his band of villains. Each pack will include a special box and will include 4 MOTU Eternia Minis.

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