Masters of the Universe Power Con 2020 Mattel Reveals – Origins

The mighty Power Con 2020 has come and go and along with it some new Masters of the Universe collectibles from Mattel. We saw a nice chunk of new products coming out with MOTU Uno, Mega Construx, Little People, and more. However, collectors wanted to see more figures with from their MOTU Origins line and they definitely delivered. There are a huge set of figures revealed which include 2 retailer exclusives:

MOTU Origins

  • Battle Armor He-Man
  • Battle Armor Skeletor
  • Battle Armor Clamp Champ
  • Deluxe Ram-Man
  • Flocked Panthor (Wal-Mart Exclusive)
  • Land Shark
  • Mer-Man
  • Ninjor
  • Panthor
  • Rise of Evil Keldor & Kronos 2-Pack (Target Exclusive )
  • Roboto
  • Stratos
  • Tri-Klops (Fan's Choice Winner)

We first are seeing the newest Wave of MOTU Origins characters with Mer-Man, Roboto, Stratos, and Ninjor. Mattel did notify fans that the winner of their fan choice contest was Tri-Klops and pre-orders will go live at some point here. Deluxe Ram-Man was showcases as well with packaging, weapons, and how mini-comics will be included with the figures. Not one but two Panthors were revealed with a normal and a Walmart will seemingly get a Flocked Panthor which will be fully articulated and has a removable saddle. Continuing with retailer exclusives, Target will get a very sought after Masters of the Universe 2-pack with the Rise of Evil 2-Pack featuring Keldor and Kronos. Masters of the Universe fans can also look forward to the Land Shark vehicle heading out in 2021. Mattel also revealed Wave 3 Deluxe MOTU figures with Battle Armor versions of He-Man, Skeleton, and Clamp Champ. All f these figures will start dropping in 2020 at Walmart but by 2021 other retailers will be getting the whole line including previous waves. This will please man fans and get more Masters of the Universe figures into the hands of true collectors without hassle.


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