Mattel Creations Unveils Exclusive Jurassic Park Sexy Malcolm Set 

Dr. Ian Malcolm is back as Mattel Creations announces their newest Mattel Creations release. This rockstar makes a return with this limited edition figure featuring a God Creates Dinosaurs book. Inside the celebrated author's book will be a fully posable Dr. Malcolm figure showcasing one of his most iconic Jurassic Park scenes. Shirtless Malcolm is here and alive after his close encounter with the T-Rex and is recovering in style. Mattel Creations went all out with this figure from an opening package that brings the park to life with added lighting and sounds featuring 8 iconic Jurassic Park quotes. This is a collectible that could easily be chalked up to a convention exclusive, but instead is coming right to the fans. The God Creates Dinosaurs Ian Malcolm Jurassic Park figure from Mattel Creations will be priced at only $25. Links will go live for this beauty on the Mattel Creations page here on 5/23, so set those alarms as this bad boy could sell out!

"Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) was the mathematician who saw Jurassic Park's fatal flaw. Now, we're releasing his much-anticipated book, God Creates Dinosaurs, with a surprise twist under the cover. Inside this "book" is the true masterpiece of the Jurassic Park series —the shirtless author in all his splendor after surviving a T-Rex. The JURASSIC PARK Chaos Theory Dr. Ian Malcolm figure depicts one of the most memed scenes from our Jurassic memories."

"Our designers were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. Thankfully, they went all out. This posable figure comes encased in a faux book (not prehistoric amber) that opens to depict the famous scene. It also features mood lighting effects and a sound feature with eight Ian Malcolm quotes."

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