Mattel's Impressive Pixar Spotlight Series is a Collectors Dream

Mattel easily has one of the best sets of exclusives for this year's San Diego Comic Con. One of which was another release for the elusive Pixar Spotlight Series line. The Pixar Spotlight Series from Mattel is a very new line, and it kicked off with Kevin from Pixar's Up a year to so ago. The line is dedicated to Disney and Pixar fans by giving them figures of iconic Pixar characters over their wide selection of films. These figures are very similar to prop models with impressive customization and next-level detail, bringing each figure right off the screen. This year Edna Mode entered the line as #6. In the line, and thanks to Mattel, we got a closer look.

I absolutely love Pixar, and Toy Story 2 is one of my favorite films of all time as well got Woody's Round-up and Zurg! For figure slick this, I live to keep them in the box, plus the numbers on the side will look gray on display when I finish the set. Coming to us right from The Incredibles, the superhero fashion designer Edna Mode comes to life with impressive detail and accessories. The figure is on full display with the Pixar Spotlight Series, and she will come with two swappable heads, two pairs of hands, and even two different outfits. For minor accessories, she will also feature a newspaper, table, stylus, stand, and a reversible background for display. 

This figure looks like it came right off the screen and the Pixar Spotlight Series really needs to have more focus. I feel like this line is hidden, and it is not like you can go to and find these figures in-store. Currently, I think you can only get the other figures online with Woody, Mr. Incredible, Wall-E, and Buzz Lightyear. It is crazy that Mattel can bring a character like Edna Mode to life and do a truly remarkable job with it, and it will please so many Pixar and The Incredible fans. Luckily the SDCC exclusive Spotlight Series figure is still available for purchase right here for $35. Be sure to check out some of the other figures in the line right here.

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