McFarlane Reveals Dark Night Death Metal Batman/ Batmobeast 2-Pack

It looks like McFarlane Toys is not done with DC Comics Dark Nights Death Metal. The DC Comics figure Eline is back with an interesting re-release feating Batman and his badass Batmobeast. Both of these figures have been released before, with Batman coming in the Dark Nights Death Metal BAF wave featuring the Darkmaster (Batman/Darkseid). The Batmobeast also had a solo release, but this one does not come with the extra blue cover; it is just the metal frame. Both releases look exactly the same but are now put together in one bundle for a reduced price to pull in fans. These bundles are most likely a way to resell a bunch of leftover figures from the McFarlane Toys warehouse, and it is honestly is not that bad of a sell. You can check out the entire Batmobeast Bundle below:

I love McFarlane Toys, but they really have a weird rerelease schedule as it is way after the figure's popularity or demand. If they dropped his bad boy alongside the standard release of the original Batman or Batmobeast then it might have received plenty of buyers. The Dark Nights Death Metal Batman is a nice addition, as collectors do not have to go looking for this version of the Bat to go with the original Beast. if you are looking for a framed montser truck then this is the one for you and it will work well with other figures in this line. Any 7" figure can fit inside this bucket of bolts and it will be a nice backdrop for some of you toy photographers out there and $50 for a frame is cheaper than that Ghost Rider HasLab. The Batman/ Batmobeast Gold Label DC Multiverse bundle is priced at $50, set for a December release, and can be found for pre-order right here.

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