Green Lantern Blackest Night Figures We Want from McFarlane 

McFarlane Toys has been slowly teasing that they are releasing a Green Lantern: Blackest Night DC Multiverse figure wave. Four figures have already been revealed in the line-up with Black Lantern Batman, Black Lantern Superman, Deathstorm, and the debut of Kyle Rayner. It is unclear if this will be a continuing wave McFarlane did with Batman: Dark Nights Metal. However, these teasers have easily got us thinking about what we would like to see from McFarlane if they want to explore the darker realm of Blackest Night. DC Direct dis a lot of these figures in the past, but it is time for some upgrades pieces, and McFarlane is the perfect place to do it. We have picked some of our choices for some future waves of figures from the Blackest Night Mythos that need to make their way to figure form.

There are so many incredible characters in this DC Comics story, with some making more noise than others. I am going to go pretty basic for these first couple of figures, but I think we all deserve to see Hal Jordan get a solo release outside of his Dawnbreaker 2-Pack bundle. Guy Gardner also needs to be added to help fans finish off the Earth Green Lanterns. I do think a Green/Red Lantern Guy Gardner would be a sweet variant figure that would do very well. Finishing off the basic line-up of Blackest Night characters would be Sinestro, and I am surprised we still have not seen him already in the DC Multiverse line.


This is where things can start to get magical if McFarlane Toys plays their cards right. I have personally loved most of these figures we have received from new and old DC Comics designs. The biggest part of Blackest Night is the expansion of the Green Lantern mythos by introducing new colored Lantern groups. If you're making a wave of figures then let's build a White Lantern Hal Jordan with a set of other lanterns. Sinestro needs to be in this wave, and I think we need Blue Lantern Saint Walker, Orange Lantern Larfleeze, Star Sapphire Carol Ferris, and Red Lantern Bleez.

If McFarlane Toys wants to get creative, I think the Lanterned Powers Superheroes and Villains would be a perfect setting as well, like Blue Lantern Flash, Red Lantern Mera, Yellow Lantern Scarecrow, and Orange Lantern Lex Luthor (seen above). As for Build-A-Figures, Atrocitus and Mongul would be perfect candidates as they're large and total powerhouses. Of course, Nekron and the Black Hand deserve their own figures, as well as giving Green Lantern Blackest Night fans to build up a Black Lantern Army with plenty of options to choose from. This line has so much potential even and it is so well known for it being a DC Comics story from 2009. McFarlane Toys does excellent with the darker side of sculpting with Black Lanterns capturing that and it is a perfect way to dish out figures that would fly off the shelves. In brightest day, in blackest night….

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