Mechagodzilla Returns with New Godzilla vs. Kong Prime 1 Studio Statue

Godzilla vs. Kong was definitely an interesting movie that brought two iconic titans back to the big screen to duke it out once again. The modernized story was a breath of fresh air while giving us a continuation of the modern version of Godzilla and a sequel to the long and beloved Kong: Skull Island film at. In the end, we did get the return of an iconic character from the Godzilla franchise with Mechagodzilla and boy was he designed to perfection. This time the monster is an actual man-made machine rather than some alien from a different plant and with modern technology, everything blends to create a pretty devastating monster. Prime 1 Studio captures this deadly bot design with their newest Godzilla vs. Kong statue that stands at a whopping 26 inches tall.

The Godzilla vs. Kong Mechagodzilla will be displayed on an Apex Cybernetics display stand and in an action pose. The robotic kaiju will feature LEDs in its eyes and mouth and will include a swappable head if you pre-order direct from the Prime 1 Store. Mechagodzilla fans will really appreciate the amount of detail put into this statue, and the LED effects enhance everything about this design. Mechagodzilla is not set to release until July 2022, and it will be priced at $1,999. Payment plans will be offered and pre-orders are already live and are located right here.

"The King of the Monsters has met his match! Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the exciting line of Ultimate Diorama Masterline statues: the Non-Scale Mechagodzilla Bonus Version from Godzilla vs Kong! Entering the ring at almost 26 inches tall, Prime 1 Studio's Mechagodzilla delivers a terrifying challenge to Godzilla's reign! Our talented Prime 1 Studio artisans have worked tirelessly to bring every exacting detail of this technological wonder to life! Created by Apex Cybernetics as the ultimate Anti-Titan weapon, Mechagodzilla has been designed to go toe-to-toe with the king of Kaijus. Your eyes will not be able to rest as you pore over every intricate part of this visually stunning masterpiece. Prime 1 Studio has studied every reference from the film to bring you as screen accurate a Mechagodzilla as anyone ever can!"

"Mechagodzilla goes live as you turn on the figure's LED Illumination features. It's eyes and mouth glow with the fearsome red color of its rage! Mechagodzilla stands on an Apex Cybernetics-themed environmental base, ready to throw down with its nemesis, Godzilla! Furthermore, if you order the Bonus Version from our Prime 1 Studio official online store and authorized retailers, you will receive a bonus, swappable Head part, also LED illuminated, for a more aggressive pose! You will not regret procuring this for your Prime 1 Studio Godzilla vs Kong menagerie! Pre-order Mechagodzilla today!"

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