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Continue the Reign of Mighty Mechagodzilla with Tamashii Nations
Coming to life out of the film, Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla , the Type-3 Kiryu has arrived Debuting as part of their Soul of Chogokin line, Godzilla fans can unleash the might of MechaGodzilla once agai This Multi-Purpose-Fighting System comes in at 9″ tall, capturing its metallic design nicely with added die-cast elements Unlike its original[...]
Godzilla Clashes with Mechagodzilla with Mezco’s Newest 5 Points 
Mechagodzilla, this three figure brings these monsters to life once more Featuring the nostalgic glory of 5 Points, Godzilla, Meachagodzilla, and King Caesar are ready to rock your collection Aliens have built a robot version of the King in the hopes of conquering Earth However, Mechagodzilla just might just be too strong for Godzilla, and[...]
Godzilla 1995 & Mechagodzilla Join Super7's Toho Ultimates Line
The company has opened preorders on Godzilla 1995, or "burning Godzilla" as many call him, and Mechagodzilla, surely one of the most anticipated figures when the line was first teased Each figure is over eight inches tall, with Mecha clocking in at nine inches Each feature fantastic sculpted details and swappable parts 1995 comes with[...]
DST Continues the Godzilla Gallery Dioramas with a Return to 1993
Mechagodzilla II, Godzilla is back and better than ever Standing at mighty 11 inches tall, the King of the Monsters is highly detailed, sculpted to perfection, and loaded with color. Godzilla is displayed taking down a jet as he stands on the explosive wrecked of Mechagodzilla just like in the poster for the 1993 film From[...]
Mechagodzilla Returns with New Godzilla vs. Kong Prime 1 Studio Statue
In the end, we did get the return of an iconic character from the Godzilla franchise with Mechagodzilla and boy was he designed to perfection This time the monster is an actual man-made machine rather than some alien from a different plant and with modern technology, everything blends to create a pretty devastating monster Prime[...]
Evangelion EVA Unit-02 Godzilla Crossover Figure Arrives from Aoshima
We return to the world of monsters and Kaiju's once again as a new Mechagodzilla from the Godzilla franchise has arrived Asuka is getting an upgrade as her EVA Unit-02 is now a deadly killing machine ready to take on Godzilla Evangelion fans will get a new pre-painted, easy to snap together model kit that[...]
Mechagodzilla From Godzilla vs Kong Arrives From Tamashii Nations
In the end, we finally saw the rise of an iconic Godzilla villain, Mechagodzilla, with a more robotic design than previously seen Tamashii Nation is capturing the new Mechagodzilla with all of this deadly detail with their newest S.H MonsterArts figure release Mechagodzilla will now join S.H MonsterArts releases of King Kong and Godzilla, allowing[...]
A Whole Bunch of Godzilla vs. Kong HQ Images Tease a Colorful Fight
The film also delivered a few exciting inclusions for longtime Godzilla fans, like the robo-version of the king of the monsters, and his tactics are a little more cutthroat than we've seen in other Godzilla adaptations. The new Mechagodzilla took all of Godzilla's attributes and amped them up to fight for the spot as a dominant[...]

Evangelion x Godzilla Collab Arrives With Mechagodzilla From Aoshima
That is right, NERV has done the impossible and made their own EVA combat Godzilla with their very own Mechagodzilla This figure combines the might beast from the 2002 film Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla with the coloring and stylings of EVA Unit-01 from Evangelion This buildable kit from Aoshima stands roughly 9.5 inches tall and is[...]
Mondo Releases New Godzilla Shirts, Puzzle, And Pins
The shirts feature Jet Jaguar and Hedorah, while the pins feature Rodan and Mechagodzilla The puzzle features the Terror of Mechagodzilla and consists of 1000 pieces The shirts will run you $25 each, with the pins costing just $10 a pin The puzzle will run you $20 You can check out all of the Godzilla[...]
Godzilla Goes Mecha With New Figure from X-Plus
This time X-Plus is bringing another monster home as MechaGodzilla has arrived to try and take down this beast The Alien Robot Godzilla comes in at a massive size of 19" and is packed with glorious detail While the figures could be more labeled as a statue, it does feature some great up close details[...]
Godzilla Celebrates His 65th Anniversary With Kidrobot
MechaGodzilla is a major player in the line, with multiple figures and plush I dare you to resist the Godzilla ugly Chirstmas sweater as well Take a look at the full collection below, and order something for yourself right here. After making a historic debut showing at San Diego Comic Con this year, Toho Studios has[...]