Men in Black Replica Neuralyzer Debuts from Factory Entertainment 

Here come the Men In Black as Factory Entertainment transports collectors back to 1997. The first, last and only line of defense against the worst scum of the universe is back as the legendary Neuralyzer comes to life right before your eyes. Sci-fi fanatics will easily know this iconic piece of tech where vivid memories turn to fantasies. This 1:1 scale Neuralyzer replica features spin-loaded action, red standby light, and LED year display that can be adjusted. You will be able to walk in shadow and move in silence with this bad boy as it also showcases movie-accurate detail and sound effects right from the film. 

Become one of the Galaxy Defenders by owning one of these Neuralyzers, which are limited to only 1,997 pieces. Factory Entertainment also has included a display case (believe me, it's for your own protection) that comes with two display options allowing fans to show off both closed and open positions. Alright, check it; let me tell you this in closin', this is easily one of the most accurate Men in Black Neuralyzer replicas to date; that fans will not want to miss. So go with ya life, forget that Roswell crap, and show love to the black suit by bringing one home. Fans can snag up one of these pricey collectibles for $599 with MIB and MIB II versions offered. Pre-orders are live right here, and fans can help guard against extra-terrestrial violence in December 2023. 

Wait, what was I talking about…?

The Standard Issue Men In Black Neuralyzer Has Arrived 

"This is called a 'Neuralyzer'. A gift from some friends from out of town. The red eye here isolates and measures the electronic impulses in your brains. More specifically, the ones for memory." – Agent K. The electro bio-mechanical neural transmitting zero synapse re-positioner, more commonly known as the Neuralyzer, or in Agent J's case, 'the flashy-thing,' can now be yours! This highly detailed 1:1 scale prop replica precisely replicates the Neuralyzer prop as seen in 1997's hit film, Men In Black."

This stunning prop replica features a durable metal body and has the following functional features:

  • Spring-loaded pop-up action.
  • LED-lit year display, which can be manually adjusted to display any year. 
  • Red standby light.
  • Ultra-bright LED flash.
  • Movie accurate sound effects.
  • Screen accurate time setting dials.

Each museum quality replica includes a numbered plaque, prop story booklet, and wood display case that allows you to position the replica in either the closed or open position.

Limited To 1,997 Pieces
Expected To Ship December 2023

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