The New NECA Rhino Alien Figure is Terrifyingly Awesome

In 1992, Kenner released a line of figures based on the Alien franchise. The series was canceled in 1995, just like the Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect, the intention was to make an animated show of the figure line. Some of the best figures to come out of this line was the expanded look of the iconic Xenomorphs Aliens. These variations were all based on other non-human hosts of the infected species giving new looks and abilities. Some of the Xenomorph cross-species were the Scorpion Alien, Mantis Alien, Snake Alien, Gorilla Alien, and the Rhino Alien. These designs were very basic for their 90s release but in 2020 they are back. In 2019 NECA announced the redesign and reimage of the original Kenner Aliens figures and up first was the Rhino Alien. We were able to capture one of these deadly beasts and it is truly a sight to behold.

Right off the bat, the packing is similar to the original Kenner design. NECA even has its name with the same font style as enter did back in the day. The original design of the Xenomorph is on the front with some beautiful artwork. On the back, it shows some upcoming figures just like the previous box. It looks like the Mantis, Gorilla, Snake, and Scorpion Aliens will also be making a remastered comeback. Just like most NECA boxes, it is windowed showing the beast within.

The Rhino Xenomorph is a massive figure and it is just packed with detail. The sculpt on this beast is wonderful and the use of orange translucent material gives it a special and unique look. The Alien can be stood on all four or two legs which is nice. The arm and leg joints were quite stiff at first but after some work it was flawless. The joints bent in a way I was not expecting to which allowed for a wide range of poses. NECA even gave the Rhino Alien with an articulated jaw that has a hidden inner mouth inside. It was fun using him in both four legged and two legged modes. on top of the articulation and color, the detail was just on a whole new level that fans will want to see for themselves.

The remastered Rhino Alien defiantly blew me away with how badass it was. NECA really did put a lot of time and effort into this figure and it shows. Fans of Aliens will defiantly want to add this figure to their collection. I will be excited to see how the other Xenomorph Animal Aliens turn out down the line. The NECA Rhino Alien Remastered Figure is priced at $34.99 and I shipping now. You can find yours here and don't forget to check out all of the other amazing Alien and Predator figures also coming soon from NECA.

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