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Mezco Toyz Reveals One:12 Collective Alien Xenomorph Concept Edition
Mezco Toyz has announced a new Mezco Exclusive One:12 Collective Alien figure with the Xenomorph Concept Edition This figure features the original concept dean of the original Xenomorph suit that later turned into the iconic black design This milky white concept piece brings the Xenomorph to life like never before with a seamless body with[...]
Expand Your Hiya Toys Alien Xenomorph Hive with Two New Figures
It is always interesting to see what new Xenomorph figures from the Alien franchise will come to life next from Hiya Toys Collectors hives are about to get some deadly new additions from Alien: Resurrection and Alien vs Predator: Requiem Some hybrids are finally arriving to the 1/18th scale line starting with the human/Xenomorph hybrid[...]
Alien vs. Predator: Requiem Wolf Gets Two New Hiya Toys Figures
This highly skilled Xenomorph killer is getting two figures starring with his active camouflage design that will stand 4.6" tall and comes with his combistick That blue, white, and black translucent camo design returns and will help Alien vs Predator collectors to showcase some fun hunting scenes. The fun does not end there as Wolf is[...]
Two New Kenner Tribute Alien’ Xenomorph’s Come To Life From NECA
Both Panther and Night Cougar Xenomorph figures from the Alien franchise are back and ready to join your growing hive The creatures will be 9" long with a bending tail feature and will seemingly use the NECA Dog Alien The Kenner design still stays alive with these figures with classic art on the packaging and[...]
The Xenomorph Hive Awakens With Mezco Toyz Newest One:12 Release
The hive has finally been awoken as Mezco Toyz reveals their long-awaited Xenomorph figure from the hit sci-fi film Alien Standing 7" tall, this One:12 Collective figure features a new seamless body bringing the creature to life like never before This deadly Xenomorph will feature a hinged jaw, swappable inner mouths, and an interchangeable chest[...]
Hiya Toys Reveals New Alien and Predator 1/18 Scale Figures
Things then grow up as a new Xenomorph from Alien vs Predator: Requiem arrives and is ready to hunt This fully articulated alien highly details and will be a perfect figure for any hive. The hive is in danger in time, too as the Jungle Predator returns from the beloved and classic 1987 film This hunter[...]
Mezco Toyz Releases Deluxe Xenomorph Designer Series Alien Figure
Mezco Toyz has returned from space only to surprise collectors with their newest and deadliest MDS figure, the Xenomorph Coming straight out of the hit sci-fi classic, Alien, this deadly extraterrestrial is back and is loaded with remarkable detail and accessories Standing 7" tall, the Xenomorph will feature a hinged jaw, pop-out pharyngeal jaw, and[...]
The Hiya Toys Alien Hive Grows With Two New 1/18 Scale Figures
Alien fans can continue to expand their own hive of Xenomorphs and Nostromo crew members as Hiya Toys is back with new reveals Their highly detailed 1/18 scale figures return with two new addition from the Alien lore Up first is another member of the USCSS Nostromo as Joan Lambert suits up for the last[...]
New Hiya Toys Alien Figures Arrive With Xenomorph and Ripley
We then go into the future as a new Xenomorph figure arrives with the debut of the Alien Queen's most loyal servant, the Lead Alien Warrior Standing 5" tall, this Xenomorph is beautifully sculpted and features articulated legs and a display base to captures some great poses. Both released will be PX Exclusives (as usual), priced[...]
Alien Invades Hiya Toys Once Again With New 1/18 Figures
Giger in his signature biomechanical style, and sculpted in 1/18 scale, this set features six ovomorph (xenomorph eggs) in various stages of release, as well as six facehuggers, ready to infect their prey!" #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-2 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-2 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: Hiya[...]
Ellen Ripley & The Xenomorph From Alien Join Fortnite
Crack out the flamethrower and your power loader, Epic Games has added both Ellen Ripley and the Xenomorph to Fortnite this week Agent Jonsey hit another parallel universe to explore what heroes he can get his hands on for Season 5, and there's no better addition than to have Ripley fully armed and ready to[...]
New Alien 1/18 Scale Figures Emerge from Hiya Toys
This is the second design on the figure with a more animalistic and slender sculpt to fit the Xenomorph's darker nature Each of these figures is set as PX Exclusives, priced at $19.99, and set to release in November 2021 Pre-orders are not live yet and fans will be able to find them all located[...]
Xenomorph Alien Queen Creates a New Hive With Hiya Toys
Your Alien Hive is about to get bigger as Hiya Toys unveils a new Alien Queen Xenomorph from the film Alien vs Predator This marked the second Queen to be released in the Hiya Toys 1/18th scale series, with the first belonging to Aliens The Queen will stand roughly 7" tall and will feature a[...]
New Crouching Alien Xenomorph Arrives at Hiya Toy
Hiya Toys has announced a new Alien Xenomorph is coming to their 1/18 scale figure line This time we are getting a new mold featuring a crouching Xenomorph that is beautifully detailed, highly articulated, and will be a perfect addition to your growing hive Hiya Toys has included a new joint system to the already[...]
NECA Shows Off Their Alien Xenomorph Collection with New Visual Guide
While the visual guide does not tease any upcoming figures, it is still amazing to look at the wide variety of Xenomorph collectibles that NECA has created Some of our favorite Alien figures that have been released include the red Genocide Comic Xenomorphs and the reimagined Kenner cross-species Alien figures Alien has been an iconic[...]