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Let's Take A Look At NECA's New Wave Of Toony Terrors Figures

NECA's line of Toony Terrors is one of the more creative lines of figures on the shelf right now. Featuring iconic horror characters in a more cartoony, Scooby-Dooish look, these are for everyone but especially for people who may not want an ultra-real, bloody version of a horror character on display. This 6 inch line has been a smashing success for NECA, with nine figures already on market. The third wave, featuring Nosferatu, The Nun from The Conjuring Universe, and Ash Williams himself from the Evil Dead series is hitting stores as we speak, and NECA was kind enough to send us over a set to show you. So let's take a look at the latest three and see why they are some of the best yet.

One of the coolest parts of these, and really NECA as a whole, is the packaging. Name me another company that nails packaging like they do. These come on a blister card, classic style, and the back of the cardback is a figure related backdrop to use for displays or figure photography. Just a genius thing to do, and added value to the overall presentation. I love the old theater look and everytime I hold one of these I feel like a kid again. Perfectection.

Let's look at Nosferatu first. This is the one I was looking forward to the most. The classic 1922 film is not a film we have gotten a ton of licensed product a ton, so whenever something comes out I have to have it. Even in the package, you can tell a lot of care went into this one. Every little detail is great, right down to the cracks and crevices in his skin. Be careful though, the swivel joints near the elbow do not turn up, as I found out the hard way. Not brittle by any stretch, just my own carelessness. A little glue and you can't even tell. I love the addition of the rat. NECA did us all a great service including that. The figure really looks great posed in front of his backdrop as well. Great figure.

Next is The Nun, a curious pick before Annabelle from The Conjuring films, but certainly a welcome one. This figure is insane, I love the way she looks like she is running at you and the crazy arms. The bottom of her gown has a flat piece, also a welcome addition that would have served the Freddy figure from series one well if they could have introduced something similar there. It just shows that NECA listens when we tell them what works and what doesn't. Valak comes with her painting as an accessory. While I like this one, it is just kind of there. I am happy it's in my collection, but for sure lower on my list as far as favorites go.

Now the one everyone is here for, as Ash Williams makes his Toony Terrors debut. This one is the best of the wave, and one of the best overall. NECA nailed it, right down to the over the shoulder holster for his boomstick. They really nailed the headsculpt on this one, as this is 100% what Bruce Campbell would look like as a cartoon. The chainsaw is on a swivel joint, so you can pose it more than I thought you would be able to, and that smirk. My god, just perfect. He doesn't hold the boomstick perfectly, but it does it well enough to look fine. Just a great toy.

Let's Take A Look At NECA's New Wave Of Toony Terrors Figures
NECA Toony Terrors Wave 3

Overall though, these three figures are great additions to the line. If I was at the store and they had em, I would buy all three, but put a priority on Nosferatu and Ash. Series Four will add Beetlejuice, Sam from Trick R Treat, Victor Crawley, and Regan from The Exorcist. So this line shows no signs of slowing down. You can catch these currently hitting specialty shops and Targets, as well as online here.

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