New Funko Soda Vinyl Coming with Ghostbusters, Up, and More

Funko is back with some more limited edition Funko Soda Vinyl collectibles that fans will want to get their hands on. Four new Soda's are on the way from three different franchises with WandaVision, UP, and Ghostbusters. This set of vinyl figures really captures the essence of a truly powerful Chase variant and will be very sought after by fans in the community. It is not often we get a completely different Vinyl design as the Chase, but when they do, it makes it an incredible design to get your hands on, and this time UP and Ghostbusters step up their game. This wave of figures will consist of:

  • Marvel Studios' WandaVision – Agatha Harkness – 12,500 Pieces – Glow in the Dark Chase Variant
  • Disney and Pixar's UP – Carl – 12,500 Pieces – Young Carl Chase Variant
  • Disney and Pixar's UP – Russel – 12,500 Pieces – Wilderness Explorers Chase Variant
  • Ghostbusters – Vinz Clortho (Keymaster) – 12,500 Pieces – Terror Dog Chase

As you can see above Carl and Vinz Clortho have completely different Chase Variants starting with Carl's younger self coming to life. This adorable adventurer design captures the kid version of the Carl which will be a must own Funko Soda figure for UP fans. Vinz, on the other hand, is turning into a Terror Dog this time around with a truly wonderful sculpt that Ghostbusters fans will want. I am a big fan of when the Chase that Funko offers is something completely different, making the idea of limited edition and hinting alive once more. However, I feel like this is not just a color swap but an actually different-sized figure, making it quite easy for collectors to know the difference. This could easily backfire when releasing a Funko Soda like this, so if collectors are trying to acquire some of these new Soda figures, they can pre-order them right here, here, and here. Good Luck!

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