Nova Lights up the Night with PX Exclusive Funko Pop [Review]

Nova is one of those characters that has some rich storytelling back in the day. He still has a pretty large fan base to this day. I'm honestly surprised they didn't make a Sam Alexander one first. I know he isn't the original but his series was booming with Marvel Now years ago. Nova has arrived joins the Marvel Funko Pop ranks. So let us dive deeper and this exclusive Funko Pop. 

You always gotta start with the packaging. It's a big piece of a lot of collectors, especially in the Funko world. Only major parts to point out are the back which just features the name Nova. As well as the PX Exclusive sticker that says 30,000 LE. That isn't really all the special but it still means it won't be produced after 30K. So that's always a plus with a limited edition figure. 

As for Nova himself, it is a pretty badass Pop design. The fists outward with the cosmic energy surrounding his hands. He does include a base to stand him up as well. The helmet design is perfect great from the comics. I did notice a couple in-store missing some paint or scuff marks on the lower part of the red star on the helmet. Luckily this one doesn't have any issue. But be on the lookout Nova Corps if wanting one for yourself.

His costume is also great. I like the sculpt and I love the mold for this. The Proto for this would be a dream to own. Hell any Marvel proto would be a dream to own. No one little secret that I noticed is Nova Glows in the Dark! Usually, this is told on the sticker but you can tell by the paint sometimes. His eyes, chest and his cosmic powers all glow blue. This was a delightful surprise and I'm glad he does because it fits him perfectly. This Funko was a nice surprise and I'm glad I snagged one up. 

I found him at FYE as they carry PX Exclusives sometimes. But you can as your local comic shop to order them or you can find them here. As for the 30,000 LE, it isn't that uncommon for the highly limited number, PX Exclusive has dropped other high numbered Exclusives like Lord Drakkon or the comic versions of Rocket and Star Lord. I hope we can see more cosmic heroes enter the Funko world. Like maybe old school appearances of the other Guardians of the Galaxy? Only time and space can tell!  

Nova Lights up the Night with PX Exclusive Funko Pop [Review]

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