Pixar Aliens Get Makeovers With New Beast Kingdom Figures

Beast Kingdom has announced that the Pixar Aliens are getting a makeover with their newest collectibles. This time we are getting 12 Aliens that are wearing some iconic Disney Pixar characters. Six of them are from the classic film, Toy Story, as Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Bo-Peep, and Forky come to life with their adorable Alien look. Monsters Inc is getting two characters in this wave as Sully and Boo arrive and are too adorable to be scary. The movie Up is also getting two figures with Carl and Russel and the Alien makeovers that perfectly capture their look. The last two figures are from Ratatouille and Finding Nemo as Nemo and Remy get some adorable Alien lookalikes. These figures will also be getting a size increase from the usual Beast Kingdom Mini Egg Attack figures with a new 3 inch size mold. There is even a limited edition hidden figure that appears to be an Alien version of Wall-E which will be a must for any completionist.

These Pixar Alien Cosplay figures are something unique and adorable that combines some great characters over the generations. I do know that it is rumored Funko will be doing something similar later on but Beast Kingdom has beaten them to the punch. I would love to see more figures come to life with these Pixar Aliens like Bugs Life, Incredibles, Inside Out, and Onward. As 2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of Toy Story, it is not surprising that they used one of the series iconic characters to celebrate and they chose correctly. Pre-orders and prices are not live just yet but you will be able to find them here once they go live. Check out all of the characters below and exerts of the product description.

Beast Kingdom Mini Egg Attack Pixar Alien Series
Mini Egg Attack Pixar Alien Series, photo from Beast Kingdom, full line-up.

"Beast Kingdom's Entertainment Experience Brand invites you to experience the latest 3-inch MEA-021 Mini Egg Attack figurines, with a cute mashup of classic Disney Pixar characters and the adorable Aliens from the Toy Story franchise. Enter an alternative universe where our lovable three-eyed Aliens dress-up and cosplay as some of the most famous characters from Pixar. Whilst mini in size, each character is high on detail and exquisitely painted with high-end details. From Carl's chunky glasses, to Nemo's orange flippers, no detail have been spared. With a new design, also comes new accessories. Each figure will come with its own color coordinated base, which hooks up with any other character to create a 'clever-flooring' design! Play around to find your perfect setup."

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