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Bond Aston Martin Car Coming This Fall From Playmobil
Bond's Aston Martin will get an unlikely new toy this fall, as Playmobil will release their version of the iconic car This is the Aston Martin DB5 version from Goldfinger, from 1964 The set will include four figure- 007, Goldfinger, Oddjob, and a basic henchman The car itself will feature a chrome finish, an ejector[...]
A-Team Van Coming Soon From Playmobil
After a bunch of leaks and speculation, Playmobil has finally confirmed that they will indeed be releasing the A-Team van with the full team of figures They will have this set to release on October 25th, so this fall and perfect timing to snag for fans of the show as a Christmas gift B.A., Face,[...]
Star Trek Fans: You Have To See The New U.S.S. Enterprise Set
Shown off late last night, there is a new set coming from Playmobil that should raise eyebrows in the fandom The U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701 is a staggering 42 inches long and 18 inches wide and includes a ton of lights and sounds, all controlled by an app on your phone or tablet It also comes[...]
Let's Take A Look At Playmobil's New Dragons Playsets
Playmobil has had some really awesome sets these last couple of years, but their best has been their line of sets based around the Dreamworks Dragons films and show Some of the best toys on the market right now, they have gone whole hog into producing some of the best fantasy toys that I have[...]
Let's Take A Look At The Playmobil Back To The Future Delorean
Playmobil collectors have quite the awesome new vehicle to add to their collections right now, as the company has released a Delorean set from Back To The Future They have really stepped up their game as far as taking care of collectors and getting some more pop culture related sets out into the world Long[...]
BC Toy Spotting: MOTU WWE, Funko, McFarlane DC, and More!
It has bene quite awhile since the last installment, but we are back! There have been a lot of bog releases happening, and we are here to help keep track of the latest Marvel Legends, NECA, Transformers, McFarlane Toys, Funko, WWE, Star Wars, and more new releases! Let's dive in! #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top:[...]
Scooby-Doo Playsets Coming Soon From Playmobil
Scooby-Doo is coming to Playmobil Starting later this month, you will be able to find three new Scooby-Doo sets available, including the Mystery Machine That set will also include figures of Daphne, Velma, and Fred A Scooby and Shaggy Ghost pack will also be available What I am most excited for are the blind bag[...]
Ghostbusters 2 Ecto-1 From Playmobil is a Fan's Dream Toy
Ghostbusters is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and for collectors Playmobil has been killing it with their releases these past couple years Their Ecto-1 car from the first film was a really fun toy, and to help celebrate the anniversary this year, they have upped their game and released the iconic vehicle from the[...]
Giveaway: Playmobil Ghostbusters Figure Four Pack and Collectors Edition Figure!
Ghostbusters and Playmobil go together like Slimer and hotdogs They have released some of the coolest figures and playsets they have done in the companies history for this line, and they have a couple of new products available for fans and collectors now that they will want to pick up for their collections One is[...]
New York Toy Fair: Playmobil Bringing More Ghostbusters, Christmas Products to Stores
Playmobil had an excellent showing at New York Toy Fair this year, bringing new themes to their popular figure line, along with a new focus on collectors using everyone's favorite Playmobil licensed line: Ghostbusters Sadly, there were no more horror-themed sets on display This saddens us, as we really loved their Haunted House Take-and-Play set[...]
Playmobil The Movie 1
Playmobil: The Movie debuted its first teaser trailer this morning Featuring the voice talent of Anya- Taylor Joy, Jim Gaffigan, Gabriel Bateman, Adam Lambert, Kenan Thompson, Meghan Trainor and Daniel Radcliffe, this looks to try and replicate the success of the LEGO films and such by bringing to life the popular brand of toys on[...]
Playmobil Take Along Haunted House 1
Playmobil and monsters go together like PB&J, and one needs to look no further than their Take Along Haunted House As a huge horror nut with a six year old, it can be difficult to find things sometimes that the family can enjoy around Halloween For me, its all spooky, all the time[...]
Playmobil Logo
Playmobil: The Movie has added a bunch of people to the voice cast today Meghan Trainor, Adam Lambert, Daniel Radcliffe, Gabriel Bateman, Anya-Taylor Joy, and Jim Gaffigan have all signed on to lend their voices to the production The film is inspired by the ever-popular toy line It is being directed by Lino DiSalvo, who[...]
Playmobil The Explorers Hidden Temple 1
Playmobil's new The Explorers line could not be coming at a better time With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hitting theaters this month, dinosaurs are all the rage Kids playsets and Playmobil go together like chocolate and peanut butter So having a line of adventure playsets from them seems like it should have been a thing[...]