Here's a look at the teaser for Little Room, courtesy Pinpoint Presents.

Little Room: Brian Cox, Claes Bang Set for Online Murder Mystery Pilot

Let's start with a cast that includes Brian Cox (Succession) and Claes Bang (Dracula) Not too bad, right? Add to that cast Ian Harvie (Transparent), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits), Antonia Campbell-Hughes (Lead Balloon), Grace Van Patten (Good Posture), Nicole Ansari-Cox (Remember Me), Simon Kunz (The Foreigner), Josephine Butler (Dark Shadows), and journalist and presenter Mariella Frostrup.[caption[...]

April 12, 2016: Actor Sebastian Stan at the world premiere of "Captain America: Civil War" at the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood. Editorial credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com

Sebastian Stan Wants To Play Dracula For Karyn Kusama

It is her next project that he is very interested in, however, as she has been tapped to direct the Blumhouse version of Dracula The project was announced earlier this year, and Sebastian Stan has already campaigned for the role of Dracula In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Winter Soldier mentions that he[...]

ham helsing

Rich Moyer Sells Ham Helsing Vampire Hunter as Graphic Novel Series

No more details save that it's a porcine parody of Bram Stoker's Dracula, one might presume it is an anthropomorphic cartoon pig take on the vampire legend Steaks through the heart maybe? Garlic bulb in the mouth? Sorry, I'll stop But we did find the image below when rooting through art examples on his website[...]

Alucard and his allies consider their next move in this scene from Castlevania, courtesy of Netflix

Castlevania Review Season 3 A Dream Binge Watch for Moody Goth Teens

Trevor Beaumont (Richard Armitage), Sypha Belnades (Alejandra Reynoso) and Alucard (James Callis) defeated Dracula in Season 2 and have gone their separate ways Trevor and Sypha are now an adventuring couple who agree to help The Judge (Jason Isaacs), a local sheriff fight off the monsters in his besieged town.[caption id="attachment_1190049" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Alucard and[...]

Universal Monsters Super7 Figures Are Here for Halloween  

Universal Monsters: Why Can't We Get These Monsters Back in Theaters?

The films starring Frankenstein, Creature, Wolf Man, Dracula, and more have influenced not only every horror film to come after, but film in general in more ways than can be recounted here Yet before this past February's The Invisible Man, it has been nearly impossible to get the Universal Monsters back on the screen in[...]

the brides

"The Brides": "Gotham" Alum Erin Richards Joins ABC Pilot for Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Greg Berlanti's "Dracula" Take

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and Greg Berlanti's (You, Batwoman) The Brides has rounded out Count Dracula's (Goran Visnjic) three brides - with Gotham alum Erin Richards set for the final lead role The actress joins Visnjic, Gina Torres, Katherine Reis, Chris Mason, and Sophia Tatum on what ABC describes as a "vampire soap" about empowered,[...]

"Destroyer" Director Karyn Kusama to Direct a New "Dracula" Movie

"Destroyer" Director Karyn Kusama to Direct a New "Dracula" Movie

Wells novel, a new Dracula would take place in modern times" This isn't that surprising considering that doing exactly that worked out extremely well for The Invisible Man and studios love to find a pattern that works well more than once In this case, giving the project to someone like Kusama and hopefully keeping the budget small is[...]

James Wan Produced Monster Film a go at Universal

The film is inspired by the studios long history with monster films, being the home of Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature, Wolfman, Bride, and more No time like the present, as their reimagining of The Invisible Man is a hit and they want to strike while the iron is hot James Wan will produce through his Atomic[...]

the brides

"The Brides": Katherine Reis, Chris Mason & Sophia Tatum Join ABC Pilot for Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Greg Berlanti's "Dracula" Take

Television.[caption id="attachment_1172411" align="alignnone" width="1600"] Sam Aronov-Shutterstock.com/Netfliux/Freeform[/caption]● Torres' Cleo Phillips is one of the three Brides of Dracula and the leader of this vampire trio An imperious woman with a queenly manner—understandably, as Cleo was a queen in her former life Turned by Dracula after the death of her husband, Cleo is now a maven of[...]


"Dracula" Season 2? Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat & Claes Bang Have Some Thoughts

It's tough to argue that the BBC gave Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat's limited series Dracula a definitive ending when you're talking about a character who has a habit of coming back to life Which raises the obvious question about the three-episode series: so when are we getting a second season? While nothing's moving forward[...]

"Castlevania": Powerhouse Animation Teasing Season 3 Dropping Soon?

When I was originally contacted, some 10 years ago, Kevin Kolde, our Executive Producer, pointed me at a specific part of the game’s sequence that he thought would make a good film (Note: This is the game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse) In absence of a better idea I dug in there and started pulling things[...]

"Dracula": Netflix Releases Final Trailer; BBC Takes Viewers Behind the Scenes [VIDEO]

With Steven Moffat (Doctor Who) and Mark Gatiss' (Sherlock) highly-anticipated BBC/Netflix co-production Dracula premiering as part of the BBC's New Year's Day programming schedule, we have a new Netflix trailer (airing on the streamer beginning this weekend) for the Claes Bang (The Girl in the Spider’s Web)-starrer as well as a few treats for BBC viewers.Over[...]

Moffat, Gatiss and Vertue Up-End Dracula's Voyage On The Demeter in Episode Two

Tonight, we got the second episode of BBC One's Dracula adaptation, based on Bram Stoker's classic novel, from Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Sue Vertue But how 'based' is it? Certainly, there is plenty taken from the original novel, rearranged a bit, and with a few notable and broadly welcomed - and squeed over -[...]