Spawn McFarlane Kickstarter Hits 1.5 Million and Gets Upgrades

The McFarlane Toys Spawn Kickstarter campaign continues to impress as it hit 1.5 million dollars. This campaign has easily brought Spawn back into the spotlight. This campaign was a pleasant surprise to see and I don't think anyone was expecting it to be this popular. McFarlane Toys and Spawn have a very dedicated fan base and they have hit x15 more than there expected with their original $100,000 goal. With such record high numbers, Todd McFarlane himself has added some new features to backers' by adding updates and modifications to the figures. If you are not aware there are 7 total rewards backers can get. The first three are three different figures, Classic Spawn, Modern, and a Black and White Artist Proof figure. The next three rewards are the same figures but it will give backers an autographed plague for each figure. Then the 7th reward features a bundle of all 3 figures as well as some extra head only available in the bundle.

McFarlane Toys Kickstarter Spawn Campaign
Spawn Remastered, figure and box, photo from McFarlane Toys.

So far, we have seen 4 updates since the campaigns launched 9 days ago.  The first update was when the figure hit $1 million as every figure now gets an extra set of hands and on top of that, the 3-pack bundle gets two heads now including a painted Al Simmons and Artist Proof Screaming Head. The next upgrade came to fans when the campaign hit $1.2 million as every figure now will get upgraded chains. The original concept for these figures included plastic chain designs around the waist of the figure but they are not being updated to metal. McFarlane goes on to explain that he preferred to go with metal chains as it is more badass and more realistic than the original plastic design. This is a nice and simple upgrade that will make this remaster figure even better that before. The next update hit as the numbers crossed the $1.4 million mark. This time the infamous Spawn 3-pack now will come with three autographs for each as week as 3 so each weapon making a total of 6 weapons. The autograph plaque for each figure will also be on a newly designed wooden plank for each figure. The final update came when the Kickstarter Spawn campaign hit roughly $1.53 million as McFarlane announced every figure will be getting two heads each! The classic Spawn will be getting a painted screaming head, the modern figure gets Al Simmons human head, and the artist proof gets an unpainted screaming head. These new upgrades release some of the 3-pack only heads you other figure but you will still need the bundle to get the weapons and all the heads together. To make things fair tough Todd McFarlane did add a sixth head to the 3-pack to make it still unique.

McFarlane Toys Kickstarter Spawn Campaign
Spawn Remastered, newly added painted screaming head, photo from McFarlane Toys.

These extra upgrades are nice touches to this already amazing figure that will be coming out. With 21 more days left I'm sure we will continue to see more updates to come. Make sure you lock down yours before it's too late and back the project here. I personally went with the Classic Spawn figure as you can not beat his classic look. However, the more stuff gets added to the bundle the more I consider switching to it. You can not beat getting three Spawn figures that all come with not only different designs but new #1 comic covers. On top of that, you get 6 heads in total, three special weapons, and 3 autographs on wooden plaques. These added extras were not necessary, but with the success of this campaign, I'm glad the fans are getting treated with some amazing extra features. Only time will tell when else the future holds for these figures so stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool for more updates when they get announced.

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