Spider-Man Receives Spectacular Wave of Marvel Legends Figures

A new Marvel Legends livestream event has arrived featuring an amazing wave of comic inspired Spider-Man figures

The Marvel Legends Team has kicked off March 2023 with a brand new live stream event. This event was jam-packed, with a massive assortment of new figures arriving throughout the year. Kicking this off first was a Marvel Comics Spider-Man wave capturing web slingers and villains right off the pages. No official images were revealed, nor was the packaging, but the team has some in-hand figures to show off. The wave will consist of 7 figures, with Ben Reilly Spider-Man kicking off the line. 

Spider-Man fans will have a blast with this entire was, as it also includes some very recent Marvel Comics figures. Coming right out of the comic arc Dark Web, Chasm is getting his very own Marvel Legends release. This figure looks excellent, with the purple, black, and green deco bringing this fallen hero into the light. The gangster Rose is also getting his very own ML action figure as well, which will be fun for fans to army build around him to take on Spidey. The villains also do not end there, with a trip back to Spectacular Spider-Man #1 with Tarantula! This sinister baddie is a deep cut from the comic archive, and Hasbro nailed it. 

Just when you thought this wave was done, the Marvel Legends team kept dropping some fire. The last three figures in this wave start with Spider-Woman, who is featured in her recent black and red costume. Mile Morales also got a costume updated, showcasing his new suit from his own Clone Saga chaos. Last but not least is Daredevil, and not just any version, but the new Daredevil as Elektra takes up the mantle of the Man Without Fear. This line-up is some of the best work Hasbro has done, and it is revealed like this that the Star Wars team desperately needs. Pre-order, packaging, and prices are unknown at this time, but all things Marvel Legends can be found here. 

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