In-Hand Look At New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Target Exclusive Figures

Star Wars collectors are in a frenzy lately as they are on the hunt for the newest Target exclusive, The Black Series figures. A couple of months back, Hasbro revealed new Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary figures that captured the hit animated Star Wars series, The Clone Wars. Four figures are in the wave with Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Arc Trooper Echo, and Clone Trooper Hawk. Sadly each of these figures was set as Target exclusives, which is probably the worst retailer for a collectible to go to. From "missing product" in the back, scalpers, and a terrible set of communication skills across the stores, Target is No Man's Land when hunting. Star Wars fans thought we would see online pre-orders for these figures on May the 4th, but none were seen. However, Target stores all over the states were getting random shipments this week of these Star Wars: The Clone Wars figures. The hunt is on for The Clone Wars fans will store selling out in minutes; lucky for us, we were able to find Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Echo after a helpful employee pulled them from the back.

These figures are truly incredible, from the new The Clones Wars deco on the 6" Black Series figure to the "retro" packaging from the series. We have received a Clone Commander Obi-Wan in the past, but this new one features a new photo-real head sculpt. Each outfit from Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes to life with each The Black Series figure, and it can be easily seen why these figures are selling out. The Clone Wars was a big part of many collector's lives as kids, and now as they grow up, these figures mean something special for fans. As an in-box collector, I can not bear to mess up that amazing The Clone Wars packaging, but the widow packaging allows fans to see each great detail of each figure.

Hasbro has been channeling the force with these amazing Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Star Wars figures. The Clone Wars captured an entire generation of fans and collectors, and these figures are a great way to celebrate what Star Wars is. It is heartbreaking to see the after-market jacking up the prices of these figures from the retail price of $24.99 to $70-$90. Fingers crossed that Hasbro Pulse will someday update their Partner Exclusives page here and allow Pulse Members the ability to get one or all of these figures with ease. I do not expect Hasbro to continue with this line, and I can not wait to see what other Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary figures they have cooking in their kitchen. Stay tuned for more Star Wars reviews here at Bleeding Cool, like some of the new The Black Series Comic Book figures.

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