Star Wars: The Clone Wars Gets New Wave of Pops from Funko

Star Wars: The Clone Wars final season surprised many fans but were also shocked by the lack of collectibles. Companies have heard the call though as we are finally starting to get some of the newer and updated characters and designs from the final season. We have already seen some new Clone Wars Black Series, Hot Toys, and now its time for some new Funko Pops. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is finally getting popified and will be a hot item for many fans with some surprising guests. There are 7 Pops in total in this wave with 5 set to release as commons and 2 becoming retailer exclusives. Starting us off is the main girl Ahsoka Tano is will be sporting her new look and but lightsabers. We will also be getting the return of Darth Maul with his double blade extended ready for action. We then get our first look at the Bad Batch Clone Trooper Wrecker who is featured in his unique armor design. With an animated series of The Bad Batch confirmed this will be a must have pre-order for any Star Wars fan. Funko then takes us to the Siege of Mandalore with a nice set of figures like Bo Katan who is shown in her Mandalorian outfit. I am sure we will get an unmasked Pop design of her in the future as well, and for Star Wars speculators, her rumored appearance in The Mandalorian Season 2 might be a good incentive to hold onto this one. Some of Darth Maul's Mando soldiers are here in this wave as well with a Gar Saxon in all his glory. There will also be another version of the Super Commando with a different set of Mandalorian Armor that will be heading exclusively to the Funko Shop. Lastly, Ahsoka Tano get a second Pops in this Star Wars wave with her mechanic outfit that will surely be loved by fans.

Most of these Star Wars: The Clone Wars Pops are up for pre-order already and can be found here. With a lot of Star Wars hype as of late, some of these Pops will be nice to pick up as many other places don't have these designs up yet. With characters like Bo Katan and Wrecker coming back in new shows, they might be worth the $12. Don't miss out on any of these Pops before the Star Wars season begins with the launch of the Mandalorian Season 2 at the end of October.

"Coming soon: Pop! Star Wars: Clone Wars. Pre-order yours now!"

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