The Dark Knight Trilogy Coming Soon to McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse 

McFarlane Toys is back and is returning to the villainous city of Gotham with an impressive Multiverse The Dark Knight Trilogy BAF wave 

The Dark Knight Trilogy is coming soon to McFarlane Toys as the company teased their next set of DC Multiverse figures. That is right, Christian Bale is suiting up once again with an impressive new figure and fantastic companion figures. The Dark Knight Trilogy DC Multiverse set will be a Build-A-Figure wave and will consist of four figures from the trilogy. It all starts with Batman Begins as the first reveal is Scarecrow, who is ready to reintroduce fear back to Gotham. We then make a trip back to The Dark Knight with not one but three reveals as Batman, Joker, and Two-Face come to life. 

These figures are beautifully crafted and are the perfect way to shake up what McFarlane Toys has been releasing. Batman and his Rogues Gallery come to life right off the screen, but it is hard to know the depth they went until we get figures in our hands. The Dark Knight Batman figure looks incredible and will be a remarkable release either way. However, there is one final figure in the wave as the Build-A-Figure release takes DC Comics fans back to The Dark Knight Returns! That is right, Bane is the final figure, and it will be worth it to snag up all four figures when they hit shelves in the next few months. 

Pre-orders for the Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy are set to arrive on February 16, 2023. We can imagine the new increased price of $22.99 will be featured for all four. I doubt these figures will have many accessories, but if they do then, maybe a gun and coin for Two-Face, a card for Joker, and a batarang or grapple gun for Batman. Either way, this is a set that was long overdue, and hopefully movie DC Comics movie films get the DC Multiverse treatment later on. Until the pre-orders arrive next week, fans can find all things DC Multiverse right here. 

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