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ThunderCats Mumm-Ra Has Awakened with New Iron Studios Statue

Iron Studios has unveiled an impressive new set of 1/10 Art Scale statues are on the way including new Thundercats

Article Summary

  • Iron Studios unveils new 1/10 Art Scale ThunderCats statues, featuring Mumm-Ra.
  • Mumm-Ra statue stands 8" tall, depicting the villain at his Black Pyramid base.
  • Highly detailed figure priced at $249.99, with pre-orders now available for Q4 2024.
  • Iron Studios' collection will expand with more ThunderCats statues to collect.

Mumm-Ra is an ancient and malevolent sorcerer that was introduced to audiences in the hit 80s animated series ThunderCats. This mummy is powerful and is fueled by dark magic and a thirst for conquest. He is located inside the Black Pyramid on Third Earth and is a constant thorn in the side of the ThunderCats. Mumm-Ra is known to transform into a powerful being, but the positive energy of Eye of Thundera can put him back into a weakened statue once again. Well, Mumm-Ra has awakened from his slumber once again as Iron Studios debuted their next 1/10 Art Scale ThunderCats statue.

Third Earth awaits as Mumm-Ra is ready to return and stop the ThunderCats and try to acquire the Eye of Thundera once again. Coming in at 8" tall, a decayed Mumm-Ra has been captured with an impressive deluxe statue showing off his sarcophagus and Black Pyramid base. This eerie creature lurks once again with impressive detail captured his decayed form right from the ThunderCats series. A lot of detail went into this deluxe release, and it is priced at $249.99 with a Q4 2024 release. Pre-orders of Mumm-Ra in his decayed form are already live, with more ThunderCats 1/10 Art Scale statues being offered from Iron Studios as well. 

Mumm-Ra Returns with New Iron Studios ThunderCats Statue

"Coming out of his millennial sarcophagus, the grotesque ancient undead mummified sorcerer with bluish-gray skin and red eyes, slowly moves with his body partially enfolded in bandages and covered in a crimson cloak! With atrophied hands and a terrifyingly insane smile in his hideous face, his evil mind plans the next steps of conquest, either by manipulating and using his animalistic minions Mutants from the planet Plun-Darr, declared enemies of the ThunderCats, or in his more powerful and pharaonic form known as the Ever-Living."

"On top of a raised platform of his Black Pyramid from the darkest corners of the planet called Third Earth, the frontal part of his base presents a miniature of his sarcophagus, guarded from both sides by sculptures of ancient deities, adorned with the stairs of the villain's millennial building."

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