TMNT NECA Loot Crate Figures For Year Two Revealed, Orders Up Now

TMNT NECA collectors better be prepared to not catch their breath this year. Randy Falk is teasing on Twitter that we are not prepared for the sheer onslaught of figures coming to Turtles fans in 2021, and we are starting to believe him. Revealed today and now up for order is the first TMNT Loot Crate for 2021, a movie box that features a new figure for Danny Pennington from the 1990 film. Additional crates will follow this year, one for games that looks like an Armaggon figure, the third will be from Mirage and teases a Mutant Shredder figure, and then a fourth crate for the classic cartoon that may be teasing Super Donnie. Buy the bundle and get an exclusive Scrag figure from the cartoon. Check out all the teases below.

TMNT Loot Crates Teases

"Loot Crate and NECA have teamed up again for a brand new collection of limited edition TMNT collectibles, apparel, and gear following the SOLD OUT first series. Don't miss out on these new and exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crates! Order all 4 and get a totally tubular bonus figure! Supplies are limited." Each crate will cost $49.99 plus shipping and comes with one NECA figure and a bunch of different pack-ins like shirts, pins, patches, and more.

Last year's crates were great because they were not new figures per se. They were mostly variants, and one-offs that if you were collecting the lines, you would be okay with missing. Not the case this year. Danny is a new figure for 1990 TMNT NECA collectors to get. I won't lie, I don't like having to buy a crate to get him, but it is what it is these days. It might not have happened otherwise. You can preorder the first crate here, the movie one, or preorder all four now to get the bonus Scrag figure. The crates start shipping in the fall.

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