Toy Legend Paul Harding Kicks Off Ninja: Shadow & Blood Kickstarter

Legendary toy sculptor Paul Harding has easily loaded out most collector's shelves with this work. Whether you collect Marvel Legends, DC Essentials, GI Joe, Diamond Select, and so much more, you at least own one of his pieces. However, Paul is taking his company Future Cyborg to Kickstarter as he launches a new set of retro-inspired 3.75" figures. Inspired by Kenner, toy collectors can now build up some ninja clans with the new NINJA: Shadow and Blood line. These classic figures are perfect for army building and will feature a nice assortment of accessories, and are placed on a sweet card back. 

The NINJA: Shadow & Blood campaign is set for a goal of $45,000 and is currently just shy of $8,000. At the moment four options are offered to start with the Shadow Clan Ninja or Blood Clan Ninja that comes with a mask, backpack (that holds weapons), sai, sword, crossbow, grapple hook, and scythe. The only differences between the two are color, mask colors, and the eyes with the Blood Ninja getting a more sinister look. Fans can also back Clan Sets with six ninjas each and loaded with accessories for each. If things start to pick up, Future Cyborg will unlock the Forest and River Ninja Clans, which feature swappable heads. The NINJA: Shadow & Blood Kickstarter crowd-funding can be found right here if interested. 

"Hi! I'm Paul Harding from Future Cyborg Figures. I've made action figures and statues for the biggest names in the toy business including Toybiz and Hasbro Marvel Legends, DC Direct, NECA Toys, GI Joe, Diamond Select, Gentle Giant, Sideshow, and many more. As a lifelong collector I've always looked back to the days of retro figures and wondered why I barely had any ninjas to play with. It seemed like we needed significantly more Kenner style 3.75" scale ninja figures than what we were offered."

"Now, as a veteran toy sculptor of nearly two decades, I've decided to do something about it. This is a project made for Kenner fans, vintage toy collectors, ninja lovers, and people who've always wanted to army-build clans of little retro-styled martial artists. You have the opportunity to take it way back to the heyday of action figures and purchase entire clans of ninja. Army-build your way to total domination!"

"Conflict rages across Japan. Ninja battles are fought alongside larger Samurai wars. The feuding brothers of the River Clan and Forest Clan keep each other's power in check with subterfuge and violent skirmishes. When the dominant Shadow Clan moves to summon from the ashes the ancient evil hordes of the Blood Clan the balance of power is shifted heavily in their favor. Now, instead of simply existing among dozens of smaller bands of ninja, the Shadow Clan begins a campaign of bloody subjugation."

"The River Clan sees that they and their Forest Clan cousins will be wiped off the map and realize that few options exist. Forming a shaky alliance, the two clans agree to combat the fearsome wave of Shadow and Blood. The Forest Clan leader tells his older River Clan brother that within the foot hill caves is a small sect of mystical ninja known as the Smoke Clan. When he travels up to find them in the hillside he is consumed with an overwhelmingly unnatural feeling, as if there are dark forces at work in this cavernous realm….."

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