Transformers Cliffjumper Arrives at threezero's Latest MDLX Figure 

Threezero is back at it with another fantastic Transformers MDLX figure bringing another iconic Autobot to life. Cliffjumper is ready for action as his classic G1 design is faithfully recreated here with no vehicle transforming mode. This hero will come in at 5" tall, will have 36 points of articulation, and will feature two swappable heads. Other accessories will include swappable hands and a blaster to put the Decepticons in their place. Die-cast and plastic elements are used here, bringing the Transformers figure faithfully to life. The Transformers MDLX series is a fantastic set of highly detailed, articulated figures, and while they do not transform, they make up for it with poseability and design. Cliffjumper will join their threezero Autobots, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, and he is priced at $70. Pre-orders are already live right here, and he is set to arrive in Q4 2022. I expect a now Decepticon to arrive next, as we only have Nemesis Prime and Megatron in the line so far. Autobots Rollout!

Transformers Cliffjumper Joins the Fight

"threezero is proud to announce a new character in the MDLX series. Cliffjumper is an enthusiastic and loyal little hero always ready to charge into battle. MDLX Cliffjumper is approximately 5" (12cm) tall, with approximately 36 points of articulation and a die-cast metal frame. This redeco of the MDLX Bumblebee action figure includes two new authentic head sculpts; one standard Cliffjumper head, and one masked Cliffjumper head. Accessories include one laser blaster and three pairs of interchangeable hands."


      • Officially Licensed by Hasbro
      • Approximately 5" (12 cm) tall
      • Two Cliffjumper heads (both Standard and Masked head)
      • ~36 Points of Articulation
      • Zinc alloy and metal Parts


      • One (1) Laser Blaster
      • Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands: One (1) pair of relaxed hands, One (1) pair of fists, and One (1) pair of posed hands


      • No Magnet included

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