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Game of Thrones The Hound 1/6 Scale Figure Arrives at threezero
The Hound was a character you hated at the start, but as time went on, he became one you enjoyed seeing with his and Arya's journey.  Threezero is one of the companies still dishing out Game of Thrones collectibles with their impressive 1/6 scale line The Hound from Season 7, has arrived with an incredible, highly[...]
Stranger Things Lucas Sinclair (Season 1) Figure Debuts with threezero
Threezero has been slowly releasing 1/6th scale figures of the kids, with the Demogorgon leading the charge Since then, we have only seen Dustin's release with an impressive amount of detail and accessories A new member of the group has arrived with Lucas Sinclair in all his Season 1 glory Coming in at 9.3 inches[...]
Threezero Debuts DLX Iron Man Mark 50 Accessory Pack
The Iron Man DLX collection continues to grow as threezero with an impressive lineup of 6" figures with die-cast elements Quite a few suits of armor have entered the collection with iron Patriot, Mark 3, Mark 46, and even the Hulkbuster One of the latest entries comes to us from Avengers: Infinity War with the[...]
Valiant’s Bloodshot Comes to threezero with New 1/12 Scale Figure
Threezero is showing some new love for the Valiant Universe as they debut their newest FigZero 1/12 figure with the arrival of Bloodshot! Coming in at 6" tall, this deadly hero is highly detailed with 39 points of articulation and accessories These will include a katana, assault rifle, pistol, submachine gun, four sets of swappable[...]
Iron Man Lands with New Infinity Saga DLX Mark 3 Figure from threezero
Threezero has revealed their newest Marvel Studios: The Infinity Saga DLX figure with Iron Man Mark 3 This marks the seventh Iron Man figure for releasing with fans already getting a Mark 43, Mark 43 (Battle Damaged), Mark 44 (Hulkbuster), Iron Patriot, Mark 46, and Mark 50 The Mark 3 Armor comes to us from[...]
Threezero Debuts Iron Man Mark 50 Avengers: Infinity War DLX Figure
Threezero is back as they continue to build up Tony Stark's Armory with there next Iron Man DLX figure Releasing as part of The Infinity Saga series, the Mark 50 armor from Avengers: Infinity War returns Iron Man will stand 6.9" tall, have 48 points of articulation, and comes with interchangeable parts, and LED features[...]
G.I. Joe Saboteur Firefly Brings A Bang to Threezero with New Figure
Threezero has finally unveiled their new G.I.Joe 1/6 Scale figure that they teased earlier this week Cobra Saboteur Firefly is bringing the heat t your collection with a highly detailed and articled figure Coming in at 12" tall, this deadly Cobra Agent is packing the right kind of heat that will take down any G.I.Joe[...]
Threezero Teases Next 1/6 Scale G.I. Joe Figure with Cobra’s Firefly
Joe has Hasbro and threezero Hasbro handles the 3.75 Retro Collection and their 6" Classified Line, while threezero hands the larger 1/6 scale figures We just saw threezero put up pre-orders for the new Roadblock figure, and fans can find him here, but the fun does not end there.  So far, this 1/6 scale G.I Joe[...]
Threezero Debuts Another New G.I. Joe 1/6 Scale Figure with Roadblock
Whether you are a new fan or an old one, these figures still vary in size with Retro 3.75", Classified Series 6", the large and in-charge threezero 12" line Threezero has slowly but surely dishing out some G.I Joe figures with some ninja love for Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow with two different versions for[...]
Voltron: Defender of the Universe Returns with New Threezero Figure
The 80s are back as Voltron: Defender of the Universe makes its return as threezero reveals their new ROBO-DOU Volton figure Coming in at 10.6" tall this figure will fete a die cast metal frame and yet it can be disassembled to reveal the five lion bots In total, Volton will have a whopping 124[...]
Threezero Reveals Transformers: The Last Knight DLX Optimus Prime
Threezero has revealed that Transformers: The Last Knight Optimus Prime is the newest figure to join their die-cast metal frame DLX line. Standing at 11.2 inches tall, this Autobot Leader will have roughly 73 points of articulation, LED eyes, a die-cast metal frame, and some sweet accessories Threezero has included four swappable hands for the Prime[...]
Threezero Debuts New Infinity Saga DLX Iron Man with Mark 46 Armor
Threezero is returning fans to Marvel Studios The Infinity Saga as they announce another DLX Iron Man figure The Mark 46 Armor is deployed into action, this time capturing plastic and die-cast sculpt of the suit of armor as seen in Captain America: Civil War Featuring Red and gold paint scheme, this 6.9" tall Iron[...]
Naruto Uzumaki Receives 1/6th Scale Figure from threezero
The hit anime series Naruto is coming to threezero as they debut their newest 1/6th scale figure Naruto Uzumaki is a powerful ninja that has been on a wild adventure, and now those adventures bring him to your home Standing roughly 9.5" tall, this figure will have roughly 29 points of articulation and a nice[...]
Threezero Reveals DLX Iron Man Mark 43 (Battle Damage) Figure
Threezero has revealed their next Marvel Studios The Infinity Saga DLX figure, with a new Iron Man variant The Iron Man Mark 43 armor is back but with a new specialized, limited edition Battle Damage figure This beautifully crafted figure standing 6.9" tall, has 48 points of articulation and features the threezero DLX die-cast system[...]
Threezero Reveals $168 Stranger Things Dustin 1/6th Scale Figure
Threezero takes fans back to Hawkins, IN, as they reveal a new 1/76th scale figure as part of their Stranger Things figure line A new member of the team has arrived at Dustin is ready to help Eleven and take on the Demogorgon Standing at 9.2 inches tall, Dustin is fully articulated with a new[...]