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Threezero Reveals New Transformers MDLX Figure with Bumblebee
Threezero is taking their DLX Transformers down a notch with the announcement of their new MDLX figure line Your favorite Transformers are back with next-level articulation, detail and packed in a small 5" size Kicking off this new MDLX line is one of the most iconic bots out there with Bumblebee Based on his 1980s[...]
The Walking Dead Carol Peletier Gears Up With New threezero figure
Threezero has revealed another 1/6th scale figure from their The Walking Dead line, with the arrival of Carol Peletier featuring her later season's appearance Carol has had a very intense journey from being in an abusive marriage to the death of her kid, and so much more than she can now hold her own This[...]
The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Returns with threezero
Threezero is even celebrating the legacy of The Walking Dead with the introduction of some new 1/6 scale The Walking Dead figures Kicking things off first is a blast from the past Sheriff Rick Grimes in all of his glory. Standing 12 inches tall, Rick Grimes is back in his Sheriff Outfit once again that is[...]
Rambo Gets First Blood with New 1/6th Scale Figure from threezero
Threezero is back with another one of their amazing 1/6th scale action figure, and this time, we return to 1982 Coming out of Rambo: First Blood, John Rambo is back and ready to put up a fight with the help of threezero Standing 12" tall, the ex-Green Beret is is loading him film accurate detail[...]
Build Up Your Fallout Power Armor Collection With threezero
Threezero is back to help Wastelanders explore the world in style as they reveal new collectibles for Fallout They continue to expand their growing Power Armor collection with two new additions to the line Up first is the new T-45 Hod Rod Shark Armor pack to help enhance your collection This is not an entire[...]
Fear The Might of Power Rangers Lord Drakkon with threezero
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are in trouble has threezero has revealed their newest 1/6th scale figure Releasing exclusively as a PX Exclusive, Lord Drakkon has been summoned once again This dark Power Rangers villain played a huge role in the Power Rangers comic book story arc Shattered Grid Lord Drakkon is Tommy Oliver from a[...]
Sideshow’s Court of the Dead Arrives with Terrifying Demithyle Figure
Sideshow is back with another original figure from their Court of the Dead line and their team up with threezero The dark fantasy and horror world of Sideshow's mind is back as Malavestros is summoned to your collection This 10" figure is fully detailed, features 22 points of articulation, and is loaded out with a[...]
Camo Storm Shadow Gets PX Exclusive G.I. Joe threezero Figure
Yo Joe! Threezero is back with another one of their Hasbro collaborations with a new G.I Joe 1/6 scale articulated figure This figure will be a PX Exclusive as Camo Storm Shadow is ready for his close-up with a 12" figure inspired by Hasbro's 1988 Storm Shadow V2 figure This reverted Cobra agent is ready[...]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger Comes to threezero
It's Morphin' Time as threezero continues their partnership with Hasbro giving fans 1/6th scale figures for the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! All of the original Rangers have already been released as well as the Green Ranger but not time for an upgrade Say goodbye to Green and hello to White as the White Ranger is[...]
Sideshow’s Court of the Dead Arrives with Terrifying Demithyle Figure
One of those figures comes from their partnership with Threezero to release new 1/6th scale Court of the Dead figures The Court of the Dead is Sideshow's own unique property that brings horror and dark fantasy to life with a wide selection of collectibles This time Demithyle has arisen with this 16" scale figure that[...]
Shin Ultraman Comes To Life With threezero’s New FigZero S Figure
To help celebrate this massive event, threezero is bringing this new updated version of Shin Ultraman to life with their new FIgZero S figure FigZero S is a new set of highly articulated and highly detailed figures from threezero at a smaller size on a 1/12 scale rather than their usual 1/6th scale Ultraman is[...]
Threezero Unveils Fallout T-60 Camouflage Power Armor Figure
Fallout fans can rejoice as threezero has finally revealed a new Power Armor figure is on the way Unlike some of the past Power Armor releases, this is not just an armor set but an entire figure standing 14.5" tall The figure is highly detailed with 35 points of articulation and will feature Wanderer, metal[...]
Game of Thrones Ser Jonah Mormont Figure Arrives At threezero
We return had to the world of knights and dragons as threezero reveals their newest 1/6th scale Game of Thrones figure Ser Jorah Mormont has arrived from Season 8, featuring a finely-tailored outfit and high likeness to Iain Glen Standing 12" tall, Game of Thrones fans will have a blast adding Jorah to their collection[...]
Snake Eyes Becomes Deadpool With threezero Deadgame Figure
Hasbro and threezero team up once again to bring collectors a truly unique G.I Joe 1/6th scale figure Coming out of Rob Liefeld's IDW Publishing comic, Snake Eyes; Deadgame, everyone's favorite assassin is back once again This time he dons his new blood red costume quite similar to Deadpool's, coming in at 12" tall With[...]
Transformers Shattered Glass Bumblebee Debuts From threezero
One of these heroes is back as threezero and Hasbro reveals their newest DLX figure Heading exclusively to Big Bad Toy Store, Transformers fans will be able to see the heroic version of Bumblebee in action with his companion Ravage Standing 11.2 inches, Shattered Glass Soundwave features 80 pints of articulation, LED eyes, and a[...]