Let's Take a Look at the Transformers War For Cybertron G2 Combat Megatron

During Hasbro's New York Toy Fair brand presentation, they pulled a fast one on us Transformers collectors and instantly put a new War for Cybertron Megatron figure up for order. Not just any old Megatron though. Oh no, this is a Combat Megatron, the unreleased G2 version from 1995. This paint deco is special, it took almost 25 years, but fans can now get their hands on this special figure. Should you? Let's take a look and see.

First, I love the packaging. Megatron comes housed in a rations-style box. and I love the idea behind this. Right when you open this it feels special, and that is how these Generations Selects figures shouold be. The transformations instructions are located under the figure tray. Awesome presentation here.

Once freed from his plastic prison, you will notice that this is the WFC: Siege Megatron repainted, and that is a good thing. The Siege Megatron is an awesome figure, and in this G2 Combat Hero paint deco it is even better. The head sculpt is based off the Minor Megatron from Alex Milne's story Megatron: Origin. It is very distinct, and matches the arctic color scheme perfectly. He comes with the same weapons as the regular Siege release, painted to match the figure here. He is easy to pose and just a joy to look at. Pictures do not do this one justice.

He is also really simple to transform to tank mode. The turret on the tank turns a full 360 degrees, and the G@ symbol and designation on his shoulder/front of the tank is a nice touch. I am more a robot mode type guy, but I can appreciate how easy it is to switch this guy back and forth.

Basically, this is a home run. Transformers fans should seriously consider adding this one to their shelf, it is just such a neat variant and a strong figure to add to your display. Not to mention how well packed and fast the shipping was from Hasbro Pulse, where this figure is for sale. If interested in grabbing one for yourself, click here.

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