We Crack Open a Can of Some Refreshing Funko Soda [Review]

Funko Soda is Funko's newest product that is taking fans by storm. We covered the announcement of these newest vinyls here we know there is a long list of figures coming out. From DC Comics to Hanna Barbara, some of your favorite retro styled characters are back once again. I was honestly hesitant about these when they were announced and I was pretty shocked about how excited I was when I got my hands on one. One of the hardest parts of getting these is the fact that each can is a limited edition with the highest edition size being 10,000 and going as low as 5000, for now. On top of the edition size, they are rarely sold in stores, limited numbers of cans went out to some Hot Topics and Box Lunches around the country but online pop ups are your best bet to get your own. Of the two we will be reviewing Crusader Rabbit Funko Soda was found here (as recommended by Funko) and the other from eBay at a retail price.

Now for the fun part, let's jump on it to the new and exciting world of Funko Soda! First up is the 5000 Limited Edition Crusader Rabbit, which is one of the first cartoons to be made for television from 1947! This is a very retro character here and that's what appealed to me the most. Right off the bat, the can is nicely detailed and a great idea for this line. With a cartoon portrayal on the front and an idea of the figure on the back. Each figure does have the ability to get a Chase variant which gives a nice element to the collectible too.

The figure itself is very basic but it brings back this retro style feel that I love. Funko Soda is a great line that is reintroducing iconic cartoon characters that have had their time to shine already and giving them their time once again. We did not get lucky enough to get a Chase but fingers crossed for the next one we come across.

We now move onto our second Funko Soda in this review, Green Hornet. Based on the 1936 fighting show, Green Hornet is back and in pure vinyl action with this figure. Every can has its own unique coloring to it and I really appreciate it too. This can is limited to only 6000 figures out there making 1000 of them being Chase versions. Every figure should have a 1:6 ratio for a chase so let's see what we have.

We didn't get a chase but that is just fine, I love the love and design of this figure. He gives me a straight Saturday morning cartoon feel that I honestly can't get enough of these Funko Soda figures. Each can will include a pog that show the character on one side and if you got a Chase on the other. This is a cool idea if you don't want to open the figure from his internet black bag and bubble wrapped glory.

These are an amazing new collectible that can have new and hardcore Funko fans getting back into the game. The introduction to new limited edition collectibles is something I have been waiting for and the idea of each one possibly being a Chase makes it more fun. The second wave of these figures is set to be dropping soon so we will be seeing other characters like Wonder Woman, Kato, and Barney Pebble soon!

We Crack Open a Can of Some Refreshing Funko Soda [Review]

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