Let's Take a Look at the New Wave of Mattel's WWE Retro Figures

WWE fans and collectors have had a real treat these past couple years with the Mattel Retro line. Modeled after the Hasbro WWE figures from long ago, the figures are some of the best the team at Mattel has released. With waves consisting of current Superstars and Legends alike, there is something for everyone here. Each also features an "action" that the figure performs, many of them just like the Hasbro line. The current wave Three Legends and one current Superstar that is sure to be considered one. Let's take a look!

For those who have not seen these before, each figure comes on a vintage-style cardboard cardback, featuring the WWE logo in the corner and a big picture of the Superstar on the front. The bubble around the figure forms to the figure, and the back features how to perform the figure action, how to scan the included code to use the Superstar in the WWE Mayhem mobile game, and the rest of the figures in the wave. I wish they had the old Superstar stat cards on the back instead, but this is still fun to walk into a store and see on the pegs.

This wave features Kurt Angle, Sheamus, Chris Jericho, and the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.

Looking at Kurt first, this is old school Kurt from back when he debuted. His action is a slam action, where you can move his torso side to side and toss other figures. From the crazy expression on his face to the painted on outfit, this is the second-best figure in the wave. Sheamus, however, is another story. The sculpt is not bad, but the figures action is the problem. Because of the spring in his leg for his finishing move, a Brouge Kick, it is hard to get the figure to stand. The leg constantly kicks up and it is quite annoying. The eyes on mine are ever so slightly painted to the side as well, so he is always looking off-camera. Not a home run here.

Moving on to Y2J, like Angle he is a great figure. They nailed the sculpt and the inclusion of the scarf is not only hopefully a sign that there will be more accessories coming, but puts the figure over the edge to make it the best of the wave. The worst of the wave goes sadly to Michaels. This is the one I have been most excited for, as his old Hasbro figures are some of my favorites. That face sculpt though…man. I know these are not supposed to be "accurate" due to the cartoonish nature of the figures. But how can you put this terrible portrait next to the Jericho one and say that they are both good? He has the same action as Sheamus, so the same annoying leg problem is here too. Just a huge letdown.

Mattel WWE Retro Figures 1

Still, this wave is worth picking up. Two home runs, a single, and a strikeout are not bad. MOC collectors have no issues besides the ugly Michaels face that will stare back out at them through the bubble for all times. At least pickup Angle and Jericho.

These are showing up on pegs right now.



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