108 Very Festive Photos Of The Locust Moon Comics Festival In Philadelphia


On the third year of the Locust Moon Comics Festival on Saturday, October 25th, I finally managed to attend and see what fun everyone had been getting up to and telling me stories about in past years. Hosted by Locust Moon Comics in Philadelphia, and held at the nearby turn of the century Rotunda, with Pantheon-like circular skylight and strangely sloping antique wooden floors, the Festival was, quite simply packed out with indie creators. And this year there was something extra to celebrate–the arrival of the printed massive hardback edition of the Locust Moon Comics Kickstarted and now gone to print editions of Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream. And, of course, many of the contributors to the volume were in attendance to be part of marathon fan signing leading up to the book launch held at the shop later that evening.

Here's a photogallery of the main tabling areas of the Locust Moon Comics Festival:

But given that the programming panels were being held in the nearby Locust Moon Comic Shop, here's a photogallery of that lovely shop too:

And finally, much of the original art for Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream was on display on the walls of the meeting room at Locust Moon Comics as a special feature for the book launch and Festival. Here's a gallery of that fine work:


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