The 450 People Who Signed a Letter Asking for the New York Times Graphic Novel Bestseller List Back

A year ago, the New York Times Book Review stopped their comic book bestseller lists, measuring sales of graphic novels in bookstores, promising an expansion of coverage of comics at the journal. This has not happened.

450 publishing and literary figures have co-signed a letter to the New York Times Book Review stating:

The bestseller list is not the be-all-end-all of comics publishing, nor is it an indicator of literary quality, but it does help with the visibility of our medium, and thus helps advance comics as serious literature. The list plays an indispensable role in helping new readers discover books and making the storytelling that we love more visible in the cultural conversation about literature. Without the list, it's harder for us to sell books, which makes it more challenging for publishers to take chances on new voices.

Each graphic novel is the product of a time-consuming, and often expensive struggle on the part of many people whose livelihood depends upon the book finding readers. If sales suffer, how will a young author get the support she needs to tell a new story? And what about the livelihood of the publishing professionals who ensure that what ultimately ends up on the shelf is of the highest quality?

We urge you to review the names at the bottom of this letter. We are award-winning comic book writers and artists, cartoonists, and graphic novelists. We are book publishers, editors, literary agents, and store owners. We are librarians, teachers, and journalists. We have written many readers' favorite books. Our stories have been adapted for screens large and small. Your children might carry a lunchbox to school with one of our characters on it. Many of us are Times subscribers.

And here they all are…

  1. Charlie Olsen, Literary Agent, InkWell Management
  2. Charles Kochman, Editorial Director, Abrams ComicArts
  3. Raina Telgemeier, Cartoonist
  4. Cassandra Pelham Fulton, Senior Editor, Scholastic/Graphix
  5. Greg Pak, Writer
  6. Nate Powell, Cartoonist
  7. Leigh Walton, Editor, Publicist, Top Shelf Comix
  8. Box Brown, Artist
  9. Chip Kidd, Writer, Designer, Editor-at-Large for Pantheon Graphic Novels
  10. Jeff Lemire, Writer, Artist
  11. Jeff Kinney, Author, Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  12. Michael Jacobs, President and CEO, ABRAMS
  13. Michael Pietsch, CEO, Hachette Book Group
  14. Molly Knox Ostertag, Cartoonist
  15. Justin McElroy, Author, The Adventure Zone
  16. Chris Ryall, Chief Creative Officer, IDW Publishing
  17. Cullen Bunn, Writer
  18. Filip Sablik, President of Publishing & Marketing, BOOM! Studios
  19. Karen Green, Curator for Comics and Cartoons, Columbia University
  20. Reza Farazmand, Cartoonist, Poorly Drawn Lines
  21. Jeff Stokely, Artist, Writer
  22. Carey Pietsch, Cartoonist
  23. Daniel Chabon, Editor, Dark Horse Comics
  24. Rich Johnson, Publisher, Lion Forge Comics
  25. Seth Fishman, Literary Agent, The Gernert Company; Writer
  26. Ryan North, Writer
  27. Andrea Colvin, VP, Executive Editor, Lion Forge Comics
  28. Karen Berger, Editor, Berger Books/Dark Horse Comics
  29. Camille Kellogg, Editorial Assistant, HarperCollins
  30. Jeffrey Brown, Cartoonist
  31. Matt Silady, Chair, MFA in Comics Program, California College of the Arts
  32. Rob Valois, Editor, New York Times Bestseller Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel, Penguin Workshop
  33. Michelle Brower, Literary Agent, Aevitas Creative
  34. Julia Wertz, Cartoonist
  35. David Saylor, VP, Publisher of the Graphix Imprint
  36. Menachem Luchins, Store Owner, Escape Pod Comics, Hungtington, NY
  37. Thomas Knowlton, School Outreach Librarian, New York Public Library
  38. Robin Herrera, Senior Editor, Oni Press
  39. Emily Bestler, Editor-in-Chief, Senior VP, Emily Bestler Books
  40. Patrick Barb, Editor, Ten Speed Press
  41. Brandon Montclare, Writer
  42. Chad Luibl, Literary Agent, Janklow & Nesbit
  43. Kelly Fitzpatrick, Colorist of Bitch Planet and Shade the Changing Girl
  44. Ed Schlesinger, Senior Editor, Gallery 13
  45. Adam Wilson, Senior Editor, Gallery 13
  46. Aubrey Sitterson, Writer
  47. Neil Kleid, Writer
  48. Niki Smith, Cartoonist
  49. Michael Homler, Senior Editor, St. Martins Press
  50. Andrew Weiner,  CEO, Inner Station
  51. Sarah Gaydos, Group Editor, IDW Publishing
  52. Magdalene Visaggio, Writer
  53. Sean Berard, Agent, APA
  54. James Lucas Jones, Oni Press
  55. Pablo Clark, Artist
  56. Katie Skelly,  Artist
  57. Maarta Laiho, Artist
  58. Nicole Goux, Writer and Artist
  59. Chris Schweizer, Author
  60. Linda Camacho, Literary Agent, Gallt & Zacker
  61. Cat Farris, Artist
  62. Sara Goetter, Writer and Artist
  63. Alison Wilgus, Writer, Cartoonist
  64. Andrea Bell, Artist
  65. Rachel Dukes, Cartoonist
  66. Jen Bartel, Artist
  67. Dave Baker, Writer
  68. Tyler Crook, Artist
  69. Michael Lark, Artist
  70. Alex de Campi, Writer
  71. Van Jensen, Writer
  72. Ezra Claytan Daniels, Writer, Artist
  73. Brian Fies, Writer, Artist
  74. Amber Garza, Director of International Licensing, Sequential
  75. Jonathan Baylis, Artist
  76. Sara Alfageeh, Writer, Artist
  77. Tyler Cohen, Cartoonist
  78. Dara Hyde, Literary Agent, Hill Nadell Literary Agency
  79. Karen Luk, Artist, Teacher
  80. Eric Kim, Artist
  81. Katie Proctor, Owner, Books with Pictures, Portland OR
  82. Sean Rubin, Writer, Artist
  83. Maia Kobabe, Cartoonist
  84. Jeff Whitman, Editor, Papercutz
  85. Samuel Sattin, Writer
  86. Cardner Clark, Associate Editor, DC Books for Young Readers
  87. Chris Hunt, Writer, Artist
  88. Mariah Huehner, Writer, Artist
  89. Stu West, Artist
  90. Brian Christensen, Owner, Brian's Comics, Petaluma, CA
  91. Simon Hanselman,  Artist, New York Times Bestseller
  92. Jenn St-Onge,  Artist
  93. Lee Cherolis, Writer, Artist
  94. Chris Grine, Writer, Artist
  95. Mary Pender, Agent, United Talent Agency
  96. Nicole Gustafsson, Artist
  97. Dr. Damian Duffy, Writer, Editor, scholar
  98. Lea Hernandez Seidman, Writer, Artist
  99. Rian Sygh, Artist
  100. Melanie Gillman, Artist
  101. Matt Roth, Writer
  102. Tee Franklin,  Writer
  103. Leef Smith, Retailer
  104. Pranas T. Naujokaitis, Writer, Artist
  105. Jen Hickman, Artist
  106. Alexis Hurley,  Literary Agent, InkWell Management
  107. Christophe Pettus, Writer, Publisher
  108. Dan Mishkin, Writer
  109. Stephanie Zuppo, Cartoonist, Comics Studio Owner
  110. Nicola Scott, Artist
  111. Meredith Wallace, Former Image Comics Employee
  112. Steve Ellis, Writer, Artist
  113. Maytal Gilboa, Publisher, Emet Entertainment
  114. Joey Esposito, Writer
  115. Santosh Oommen, Artist/Writer
  116. Terry Nantier, Publisher, NBM
  117. John Lind, Co-Founder & Creative Director; Kitchen, Lind & Associates LLC
  118. Kevin Jay Stanton, Artist
  119. Dimitrios Fragiskatos, Store Owner
  120. Dustin Nguyen, Artist
  121. Keith Champagne, Writer, Artist
  122. Ben Zhu Gallery, Shop Owner, Artist
  123. Andy Smith, Artist
  124. Sean Caylor,  QC operator
  125. Jimmy Palmiotti, Writer, Artist, Publisher
  126. Michael Goodwin, Writer
  127. Peter Tomasi, Writer
  128. Hannah Templer, Artist
  129. Nicholas Doan, Writer
  130. Jennifer Camper, Cartoonist
  131. Steven Sautter, Writer
  132. Melody Often,  Artist
  133. Bridget Comeau, Cartoonist
  134. Denis Kitchen, Cartoonist and Publisher
  135. MK Reed, Writer
  136. Richard Pine, Literary Agent, InkWell Management
  137. Daniel S Demumbrum, Publisher, Spaz Dog Press
  138. Michael Tisserand, Writer
  139. Jordan Cooper, Reader, Writer
  140. Zachary Clemente, Writer
  141. Noah Hayes, Artist
  142. Patrick W Brower, Store Owner
  143. Brandy Macek, Artist
  144. Rosie Knight, Writer, Critic
  145. Andrew Carl, Writer, Editor
  146. Paul Reinwand, Artist
  147. Paul C. Morrissey, Writer, Eisner Award-winning Editor
  148. Travis Nichols, Writer, Artist
  149. Josh PM Frees, Artist
  150. Alex Graudins, Cartoonist
  151. Joe Payne,  Artist
  152. Sarah Winifred Searle, Cartoonist
  153. Shaun Steven Struble, Writer
  154. Marguerite Dabaie, Artist
  155. Meggie Ramm, Cartoonist, Comics Teacher
  156. Tom Taylor, Author
  157. Sage Coffey, Artist, Editor
  158. Janet Lee, Artist
  159. Jake Wyatt, Writer, Artist
  160. Kenneth Denson, Store Owner
  161. Steve Orlando, Writer, Editor
  162. Eli Bishop, Artist, Writer
  163. Frank Barbiere, Writer
  164. Jody Houser, Writer
  165. Samia Fakih, Artist and Writer
  166. James Tynion IV, Comic Book Writer
  167. Joe Brown, Artist
  168. Robert Negrete, Artist
  169. Ryan Estrada, Artist, Writer
  170. Alyce Sarich, Artist
  171. Joel Rose, Writer
  172. Vita Ayala, Writer
  173. Alisa Harris, Cartoonist, Animator
  174. Robert Venditti, Writer
  175. Ted Closson, Artist, Writer
  176. Jodi Wynne, Letterer
  177. Rebecca Mock, Comic Book Artist, Illustrator
  178. Jessica Mileo, Literary Agent, InkWell Management
  179. Stephen Barbara, Literary Agent, InkWell Management
  180. Angela De Vito, Artist
  181. Rex Ogle, Senior Editor, Little Brown for Young Readers; Writer
  182. Kevin Panetta, Writer
  183. Cameron Krause, Filmmaker, Titmouse
  184. Jen Linnan, Literary Agent, Linnan Literary Management
  185. Justin Offner, Artist
  186. Nick Sampson, Animator
  187. Madeleine White, Artist
  188. Simon Barreto, Lead Editor, Titmouse
  189. Dennis Moran, Illustrator, Animator
  190. Gabriel Pinto, Artist
  191. Gracie Rothey, Artist
  192. Christine Fellmeth, Animator, Titmouse; Artist
  193. Alex Reynolds, Artist
  194. Blue Delliquanti, Artist, Writer
  195. Leland Goodman, Graphic Novelist and Illustrator
  196. Sam Alden, Cartoonist
  197. Carly Monardo, Artist, Nickelodeon
  198. Ilana Turner, Writer, PR Coordinator, Superfan PR
  199. Marika McCoola, Writer, Bookseller, Educator
  200. Taneka Stotts, Writer
  201. Sloane Leong, Cartoonist
  202. Phil McAndrew, Writer, Illustrator
  203. Katie Klein, Artist
  204. Rachel Gitlevich, Artist
  205. Luke Freitag, Artist
  206. Cynthia Halley, Visual Development Artist, Background Designer, Titmouse; Illustrator
  207. Thomas Mcdonnell, Artist
  208. Savannah Ward, Assistant, Titmouse
  209. Jillian Goldfluss, Writer
  210. Kevin Reed, Storyboard Artist
  211. Kat Ruzics, Animator
  212. Simon Howe, Animator, Comics Artist
  213. Christopher Hastings, Writer
  214. Tze Chun, Writer
  215. Barry Kelly, Artist
  216. Jonathan Peartree, Animator
  217. Regina Mascia, Director, West Hempstead Public Library
  218. Christopher Graybill, Artist
  219. Tillie Sain, Storyboard Artist
  220. Bill Griffith, Nationally-syndicated Cartoonist, Eisner Award-winning Author
  221. Patrick Gleason, Writer, Artist
  222. Bobby Walker, Artist
  223. Shannon Prynoski,  Animation Studio Owner
  224. Jerzy Drozd, Cartoonist
  225. Vivek J. Tiwary, Writer, Producer
  226. Leon Ingram, Artist
  227. Claire Draper, Literary Agent, InkWell Management
  228. Johnny Koester, Animator, Titmouse
  229. Susie Cagle, Journalist, Cartoonist
  230. J Honore, Animator
  231. Sierra Barnes, Comic Book Creator
  232. Adam Yeater, Artist, Publisher
  233. Deborah Hill, Literary Agent, APA
  234. Michelle Silva, Comic Creator
  235. Lauren Davis, Artist, Writer, Editor
  236. Peter Maresca, Editor/Publisher, Sunday Press
  237. Sam Marlow, Background Designer
  238. Robert Chambers LeHeup, Writer
  239. Matt Gagnon, Editor-in-Chief, BOOM! Studios
  240. Colleen Venable, Writer of Comics, Creative Director at Macmillan Publishing
  241. Pamela Ribon, Writer
  242. Stephen McCranie, Cartoonist
  243. Heidi MacDonald, Editor-in-Chief, The Comics Beat
  244. Bryce Carlson, Managing Editor, BOOM! Studios
  245. Chris Sheridan, Cartoonist
  246. Megan Peace, Editor, Scholastic
  247. Leda Zawacki, Comic Artist
  248. Phil Falco, Executive Art Director, Scholastic
  249. Adam Rau, Editor, Scholastic
  250. Corey Chrapuch, Artist, Designer
  251. Becky Dreistadt, Artist
  252. Frank Gibson, Writer
  253. Whitney Leopard, Editor, BOOM! Studios
  254. Greg Ruth, Artist, Writer
  255. Allen Spiegel, Agent, Allen Spiegel Fine Arts
  256. Anamika Bhatnagar, Associate Publisher, Graphix/Scholastic
  257. Christian Alamy, Artist
  258. David Linker, Executive Editor, HarperCollins
  259. Zach Davis
  260. Jill Yeomans, Store Owner, White Whale Bookstore, Pittsburgh, PA
  261. Betsy Peterschmidt,  Author, Illustrator
  262. Brandon T. Snider, Writer
  263. Camilla Zhang, Writer, Editor
  264. Libby Burton, Senior Editor, Henry Holt
  265. Fred Van Lente, Writer
  266. Kate Napolitano, Editor, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  267. Alexandra West, Editor
  268. Megan Roth, Editor
  269. Lauren Clauss, Editorial Assistant, Disney
  270. Erin Zimring, Editor, Disney
  271. Gavin Gronenthal, Assistant Editor, BOOM! Studios
  272. Joe LeFavi, Publisher, Genuine Entertainment
  273. Michael Moccio, Assistant Editor, BOOM! Studios
  274. Grace Park, Artist, Writer, Designer
  275. Cornelia Tzana, Assistant, BOOM! Studios
  276. Spencer Simpson, Sales Manager
  277. Leigh Dragoon, Writer, Artist
  278. Elizabeth Loughridge, Accounting Coordinator, BOOM! Studios
  279. Morgan Perry, Direct Market Representative, BOOM! Studios
  280. Stephanie Hocutt, Social Media Coordinator
  281. Lucas Devine
  282. David J. Sung, Writer
  283. Lorena Jones, Editor, Publisher, Lorena Jones Books/Ten Speed Press
  284. Melissa Leuterio,  Artist
  285. Olga Andreyeva, Illustrator
  286. Giuseppe Castellano, Art Director, Illustrator, Designer
  287. Nick Tapalansky, Writer
  288. John Morgan, Executive Editor, Imprint/Macmillan
  289. LeUyen Pham, Artist
  290. Nidhi Chanani, Artist, Writer, Pashmina
  291. Illya Kowalchuk, Director of Education, Pop Culture Classroom and Denver Comic Con
  292. Tracy Edmunds, Educator
  293. John Shableski, VP of Sales, UDON Entertainment
  294. Colleen Bement, Journalist
  295. Alexis E. Fajardo, Cartoonist, Author
  296. Ellen Myrick, Library Consultant, Diamond Book Distributors
  297. Jim McClain, Creator, Publisher
  298. Meg Lemke, Editor
  299. Matthew Holm, Author, Illustrator
  300. Katharine Kan, Librarian, Graphic Novel Reviewer
  301. Yaika Sabat, Library Assistant
  302. Christina Hicks, Youth Services Librarian, Co-Chair of EGL Awards Adult Jury
  303. John Weaver, English Teacher
  304. Adan Alvarado, Secondary Teacher
  305. Paula Myers, Librarian
  306. Caitlyn Zaksheske, High School Librarian
  307. Lisa Prolman, Librarian
  308. Judd Winick, Cartoonist
  309. Francisca Goldsmith, Librarian
  310. Susy Moorhead, Librarian
  311. Marcela Peres, Library Director
  312. Kerry Halls, Head Buyer, Manager at Auntie's Bookstore, Spokane, WA
  313. Kelly Campbell, Librarian (Young Adult)
  314. Amy Ignatow, Author, Illustrator
  315. Marissa Thompson, Young Adult Librarian
  316. Raeann MacNeil, Librarian
  317. Alicia Holston, Librarian
  318. Lisa D. Archigian, Artist, Librarian, Museum Educator
  319. Robert Gonzalez
  320. Jill Thompson, Artist, Writer, Eisner Award-Winning Creator
  321. Dr. Katie Monnin, Author, Word Play
  322. Saori Adams, Publisher
  323. Nicole Rancourt, Program Officer
  324. Moniqa Paullet, Editor, New York Times Subscriber, Reading Tutor
  325. Kay Lunkenheimer, Librarian
  326. Tina Dalton, Librarian
  327. Geo Ong, Bookstore Manager, Greenlight Bookstore, Brooklyn, NY
  328. John Driscoll, Young Adult Librarian
  329. Jared Leaman, Teacher
  330. Shannon Hale, Writer
  331. Stacey Shapiro, Librarian
  332. Anthony Buchanan, Librarian and Graphic Novel Discussion Group Moderator, Library Blogger
  333. Anne Salyards
  334. Patrick Race, Store Owner
  335. Catherine Blair, Librarian
  336. Lucia Cedeira Serantes, Assistant Professor, GSLIS, Queens College
  337. Zack Rosenberg, Writer, Editor
  338. Samantha Cote,  Librarian
  339. Jill O'Connor, Librarian
  340. Karen Ginman, Librarian
  341. Martha Cornog, Graphic Novel Reviewer, Journalist, Advocate
  342. Howard Shapiro, Writer, Director of Publishing For Animal Media Group
  343. Cecil Castellucci, Writer
  344. Gale Galligan, Artist
  345. Anny Rusk, Writer
  346. Shea Fontana, Writer
  347. Jessica Schwartz, Librarian
  348. Tini Howard, Writer
  349. Devaki Neogi,  Comics Artist
  350. Rina Ayuyang, Cartoonist
  351. Maria C. Ludwig, Editor
  352. Scott Robins, Librarian
  353. Carrie Tupper,  Writer, Artist
  354. Lauren Knowlton, Elementary School Media Specialist
  355. Rachel Reed, Marketing Manager
  356. Crystal Frasier, Writer, Pathfinder: Spiral of Bones
  357. Seaerra Miller, Artist
  358. Davy Gibbs, Librarian
  359. Tasha Birckhead, Librarian
  360. Laura Robbins, Librarian
  361. Joan Hilty, Comics Editor, Nickelodeon
  362. Summer Dawn Laurie, Children's Bookseller, Editor, and Chair NCIBA Children's Alliance
  363. Lise Solomon, Publisher's Sales Rep
  364. Joel Butler, Librarian
  365. Cinda Meister, Book Store Owner
  366. Jessi Sheron, Illustrator
  367. Ilona Bray, Writer
  368. Terry Thompson, Writer
  369. Andrew Durham, Children's Specialist
  370. Suzi Hough, Bookstore Manager
  371. Sarah Stephens, Author, Editor, Bookseller
  372. Janet Harvey, Writer
  373. Morgan O'Reilly, Librarian
  374. Dani Colman, Writer
  375. Mary Ann Scheuer, Teacher, Librarian
  376. Barbara J Gogan, School Librarian
  377. Emily Saltzman, Librarian
  378. Amy Orringer, Merchandiser, Google Play Books
  379. Jenny McCluskey, Collection Development Librarian, Comics & Graphic Novels Specialist
  380. Jennifer DeRoss, Scholar
  381. Olivia Monical, Children's and Young Adult Book Specialist
  382. Chris Butcher, Store Manager
  383. Mary Richardson, Librarian
  384. Jim Ottaviani, Writer, Librarian
  385. Sheila Geraty, School Librarian
  386. Molly Jackson, Co-Editor, Mine! A Celebration of Love and Freedom For All
  387. Katrina L Hagedorn, Librarian
  388. Lindy S. Weaver, High School Librarian
  389. Gene Kannenberg, Jr., Ph.D., Comics Historian; Cartoonist
  390. Scott Faulkner, Artist, Writer
  391. Sheila Hammond-Todd, Librarian
  392. S.L. Johnson, Academic Librarian
  393. Bel McNeill, Owner, Bel And Bunna's Books, Lafayette, CA
  394. Melanie Deal, Artist
  395. Marc Singer, Associate Professor, Department of English, Howard University
  396. Laurel Cox, Reference Librarian
  397. Andrea Webster, Librarian
  398. Deborah Diesen
  399. Martha Thomases, Writer
  400. Erin Helmrich, Purchasing Librarian
  401. Mary Sheila McMahon, Bookseller
  402. Kelly Thompson, Writer
  403. Steven Ng, Book Scout, Stuart Ng Books
  404. Lucy Bellwood, Cartoonist
  405. George Webber, School Librarian
  406. Jessica Andrews, School Librarian
  407. Andrea Parisi, School Library Media Specialist
  408. Kyle Eveleth, Comics Studies Scholar
  409. Leland Purvis, Illustrator
  410. Kristena Rudloff, School Librarian
  411. Dave Scheidt, Writer
  412. Leah Williams, Writer
  413. Chris A Campbell, Writer, reviewer
  414. Matthew Summo, Writer
  415. Dan Grote, Editor/Publisher,
  416. JD Korejko, Store Owner
  417. Holly Aitchison, Operations Coordinator, BOOM! Studios
  418. Molly Muldoon, Writer, Freelance Editor
  419. Damian Wassel, Publisher, Vault Comics
  420. Christianne Gillenardo-Goudreau, Artist, Senior Production Technician
  421. Jeffrey Rousseau, Writer
  422. Dwight L. MacPherson, Writer, editor
  423. Cameron DeOrdio, Writer
  424. Miles Greb, Writer, Producer
  425. Caitlin Rose Boyle,  Artist
  426. David Pepose, Writer
  427. Stacey Shapiro, Young Adult Librarian
  428. Emma Hunsinger, Artist
  429. Alisha Jade, Creator, Publisher
  430. Ru Xu, Artist-Author
  431. Perry R Singletary Jr, Writer, Artist, Cartoonist
  432. Katie Schenkel, Writer
  433. Ted Brandt, Inker
  434. Ryan Dunlavey, Cartoonist and Writer
  435. Mike Levine, Writer
  436. Ele Jenkins,  Artist and bookseller
  437. Irene Koh, Artist
  438. George Rohac, Manager
  439. Rebecca Miller, Comics Reader
  440. Skylar Patridge, Artist
  441. Raul Padilla, NYT Subscriber
  442. Robin Bardsley, Store Owner
  443. Beth Barnett, Artist
  444. Jeremy Holt, Writer
  445. Sumner Teleha, Artist
  446. Juliana Xavier, Sequential Artist, Illustrator
  447. Andrew Leamon, Writer
  448. Brad Brooks, Cartoonist, Editor, Publisher
  449. Param Singh, Writer, Reader
  450. Kyle Latino, Artist

The 450 People Who Signed a Letter Asking for the New York Times Graphic Novel Bestseller List Back

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