For the 4th Of July – a Comic About a USA That Built a Wall Against Everyone, From Scott Snyder, Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli

No title as of yet. But Scott Snyder and Charles Soule have been teasing lots of stuff about new creator-owned comic books together. And today we got the biggest tease of all. With Giuseppe Camuncoli, Matt Wilson, Daniele Orlandini, crank! and Will Dennis and published from Image Comics

Thirty years ago, the united states sealed itself off from the world without warning. Now, the gates have finally opened, and an expedition has been launched to see what lies beyond…

A new adventure series from Charles Soule, Scott Snyder, and Giuseppe Camuncoli. With Matt Wilson, Drniele Orlandini, crank!, and Will Dennis. More to come rt San Diego Comic-C0on 2019.

An American that became as isolationist as it could be… for thirty years. And now everyone gets a look…

Well, Image Comics needs a new Walking Dead. San Diego Comic-Con can't come soon enough.

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