A Page-Turning Experience: Thoughts On Clean Room #11


Hold onto your bed sheets! This week brings a new issue of Clean Room, from Vertigo, written by Gail Simone, with art by Jon-Davis Hunt. I can't believe we're already at issue 11, but what a ride it has been. I don't know if this comic can really get any better. I have been terrified of the pink monsters since the first issue, but what's more terrifying are the humans in this story. The ones that function with this knowledge and go about their day knowing what's really out there. Most of us would go crazy in an instant if we knew about the existence of monsters like this, wouldn't we?


However, it has already been revealed that one of them was friendly-ish. In this new issue, Simone gives Astrid a little bit more of a reason to live as she insists on isolating herself away from the empire she's created. Chloe goes to visit her and gives her an update about what's going on. When it's revealed that the brother that shot Astrid has a daughter, things begin to change, but will it be enough to make her return to her old life?

Simone continues to write an enthralling script. I never put this comic down for an instant when I read it. I found the reappearance of Chloe's fiance to be a particularly disturbing moment in Clean Room #11. There's a lot of emotional turmoil swirling around, but it makes the comic an unpredictable, page-turning experience. If you haven't had a chance to read Clean Room yet, and you're a fan of horror/suspense comics, you absolutely should. The first trade paperback entitled, Clean Room Vol. 1 Immaculate Conception is currently in stores which collects the first six issues. Be sure to keep the lights on if you're prepping to do a binge read catch up!

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