Advance Review: Curb Stomp #4 Proves It's A Memorable Series

STK671089We've been experiencing a long intense journey with Machete Betty, Violet Volt, Daisy Chain, Derby Girl, and Bloody Mary. This week brings us the final issue of Curb Stomp, from BOOM! Studios, written by, Ryan Ferrier, with art by Devaki Neogi and colors by Neil LaLonde. Thus far we've experienced quite the rollercoaster with this strong group of women. We've seen them at their best and we've seen them at their worst, but one theme always carried strong throughout the issues. Protecting Old Beach. After all, that's what it was bound to come down to. It goes without saying that Curb Stomp #4 is an all out war. Everything has come to a head, and the angry fight spans across most of the issue.

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We get a lot of internal dialogue from Machete Betty which brings a decent amount of emotion to the story. Over the course of the limited series, I took a liking to her character. So it was nice to read her thoughts during this difficult time. Ryan Ferrier's writes a dynamite script to close out the series, and trust me, you want to read it. The bonus of Neogi and LaLonde's artwork continues to leave a mark in my mind. I never knew blood and gore could look so colorful. Even though Curb Stomp only consisted of four issues, it proved to be a memorable comic. Be sure to grab issue #4 and experience the intense finale as the women fight for Old Beach.

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