Archaia Offers 19-Page First Look at Form of a Question by Andrew J. Rostan and Kate Kasenow

Archaia, a mature imprint of BOOM! Studios which doesn't feel the need to shout its own name, has released a 19-page first look preview at Form of a Question, the graphic memoir by writer Andrew J. Rostan and artist Kate Kasenow that depicts the true story of Rostan's quest to become a Jeopardy contestant.

For the obligatory cleverly-worded editorial press release quote, it was BOOM! Executive Editor Sierra Hahn's turn in the rotating lineup:

Each of us is struggling with having questions without answers and answers without the questions, which is at the core of FORM OF A QUESTION.  Andrew and Kate have created a beautiful rumination on how we're transformed by the entertainment we experience with people we love most.

The book is set to hit stores in November, but there's nineteen pages below, practically a full floppy comic, so that should keep you busy enough until then.

Revisiting one of the most formative events in Rostan's life, FORM OF A QUESTION tells the true story of his journey at age twenty-two to become a contestant on JEOPARDY!, the very show he associates with the happiest moments in his life. But even with an uncanny ability to remember the smallest details and his almost unparalleled depth of knowledge, there's one thing Rostan hasn't learned yet – life is like his favorite game show. In fact, all the answers are staring you in the face if only you ask the right questions.


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