Barack Obama Goes Topless for Die!Die!Die! #14 Cover in October

It looks like Robert Kirkman, superstar comic book writer and 3rd most famous person to come from Kentucky behind Colonel Sanders and Abraham Lincoln in that order,  is hoping to have a last-minute influence on the upcoming U.S. presidential election. Kirkman, along with co-writer Scott M. Gimple and assists Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn, will release a new issue of Die!Die!Die! on October 21st, just three weeks before the election, and the comic will feature former President Barack Obama defeating an alien invasion with his fists. Kirkman showed off the cover on Twitter.

Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn hope to get people all horned up to vote with this sexy Barack Obama topless pic.
Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn hope to get people all horned up to vote with this sexy Barack Obama topless pic.

Even more likely to influence the election, the artists' depiction of Obama has the prez strip down to a pair of shorts and show off his dad bod on the cover. If Chris Matthews weren't canceled, he'd surely experience a tingle up his leg looking at that artwork. Will this be enough to convince people to go out and vote in November? Die!Die!Die! is billed as a standalone issue accessible to new readers and hits stores on October 21st. It's rated M for Mature, so perhaps President Obama will show us more than just his abs and pecs when all is said and done. No way to know without buying the issue!

OCTOBER 21 / 28 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99
President Obama has to fight for his life…and the fate of the planet Earth! We promise this ties in with the normal comic in some very cool ways. Trust us. That said, if you've never tried this series before, this would be a fun standalone issue to try out. It's nuts. I'm glad we had this talk. Let's do this more often.

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