Batman as the Bad Guy – Again – in Batman: Gotham Nights #4

An upcoming yet-to-be-published issue of Batman reveals that Bruce Wayne is a tax-dodging scumbag like all the other billionaires. But the most recent digital-only-but-previously-published-for-Walmart Batman comic by Mark Russell and Ryan Benjamin goes a little further. Firstly it has Bryce Wayne hanging out with all the big knobs at a country club called the Fluttering Swan, as they gaily change tales of toxic waste, sez trafficking, drug dealing and more, and getting away with it too.

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Until the Batman comes-a-calling, that is. He's not even a member, honestly, the nerve of the fellow. But once the arrests hit, how long will such billionaires stay in jail? hat's what they have lawyers for isn't it? But in a post-Harvey Weinstein world, there's only so far lawyers will go PR-wise for their clients,

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If your own lawyers won't defend you then who will? Better Call Joker.

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He makes quite the convincing lawyer, does he not, even if his advertising leaves a little to be desired. Still, maybe Gotham's airwaves are a little lax in that regard. But any decent lawyer always researches their clients and its no different when Bruce Wayne ends up under similar scrutiny, even without the cowl and the scowl.

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Maybe Bruce Waye needs to keep a better eye on just how all the money he generates to fund his wonderful toys come from? I mean, I know that built-in-Bat Signals don't pay for themselves, but is it really okay to throw a batarang at a mugger when the R&D department was funded by modern-day slavery? Given his reputation as the world's greatest detective, did he never think to look into his own business dealings until the Joker did it for him? Oh dear, Batman, you went and did it again. You're still the bad guy.

Batman: Gotham Nights #4 Written by Mark Russell. Pencils Ryan Benjamin. Inks Richard Friend. Colored by Alex Sinclair
Batman goes after the biggest criminals in Gotham City: Bruce Wayne's billionaire peers. But when these blue-blooded businessmen turn to the Joker for help, they find themselves in over their heads. It's up to Bruce Wayne to step in and save them…even though he may be just as guilty as the rest.

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