Chuck Dixon Thinks That If Trump Is A Batman Villain, Obama Was A Bond Villain

During the inaugural address, President Donald Trump said something very similar to a line from The Dark Knight Rises said by Bane (Tom Hardy). It made the rounds on the internet pretty quickly.

This lead to interview two of the creators of Bane to ask their thoughts on the moment and on Trump. Chuck Dixon, who is referred to as Chuck Nixon at one point in the piece, and Graham Nolan were interviews, Doug Moench was not.

When asked about their thoughts on the speech, Dixon said: "It was much like his other speeches. But I saw that as a good thing, the sealing of an oath he made during the campaign. Basically, I'm not going to forget my promises. It was also a warning to almost everyone seated behind him. He's going to keep being Trump with no plans to compromise. This is going to be a wild ride."

While Nolan was more focused on the process: "The United States is the democratic envy of the world. That every four years the peaceful transfer of power takes place to the most powerful office in the world is nothing short of astonishing."

When asked if Trump was like a Batman villain, Dixon defended some of the mannerisms that the left despise of Trump, saying that it's a positive thing to his followers and that what the right hated about Obama was a positive to his followers. As for the Bane / Joker comparisons: "Is he like a Batman villain? In many ways he is. But our last guy in that office often reminded me of a Bond villain. So there you go."

On how Bane would be as a president, Nolan responded: "Bane serves Bane. He wouldn't be a leader in any democratic sense but rather a dictator in total control. He would kill off all of Congress as well as the Supreme Court. No need for those other pesky branches of government. I would not care to live under a Bane presidency. But in the world of Bane there is also the Batman. So we have nothing to worry about."

And what they think of the new president. Dixon was a supporter: "I really do think he'll go to work on my dearest political desire to see the federal government shrunk down to a manageable size. Will he succeed? The deck is stacked against him. But it's a noble fight and I wish him the best."

While Nolan is willing to give the President the benefit of the doubt: "Let's see what he does before we lose our minds. He couldn't be worse than the entrenched establishment we've had for many years. If the President comes through on his many promises, a stronger more robust economy, a more affordable and better healthcare system, respect from our allies and fear from our enemies, then yes I think this is the right step. If not, well, the beauty of our republic allows us to kick him out in four years."

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