DC Comics Editor Eddie Berganza Makes The Front Page Of The NY Daily News

Following Friday's report by Buzzfeed on the sexual harassment allegations against longtime DC Comics editor Eddie Berganza, Berganza's photo made the front page of Saturday's New York Daily News. The Daily News posted a photo of the cover, headlined "Perv Nation: Wave of charges against powerful sickos floods U.S.," to Twitter.

The other high-profile men accused of sexual harassment or assault pictured on the cover are Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner, Jeremy Piven, Louis C.K., Jann Wenner, Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Moore, Dr. Larray Nassar, Kevin Spacey, and Gary Goddard. Men previously accused of sexual harassment or assault not included on the cover, perhaps because they are not part of the current wave of allegations, include Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, and President Donald Trump, and probably others that aren't springing to mind due to the deluge of accused. The NY Daily News also published a story recapping Buzzfeed's report, both in their Saturday print edition and online.

Though allegations against Berganza have been reported before by Bleeding Cool and others, the Buzzfeed report comes amidst a sweeping tidal wave of sexual harassment and assault allegations against powerful men across the entertainment industry and politics — one that has remarkably captured the attention of the world. Additionally, Buzzfeed's report contains previously unreported allegations about Berganza, and comes from the highest-profile outlet yet to report on them. Echoes of Buzzfeed's report have also followed on sites like Vulture and The Hollywood Reporter., as well as comics sites like CBR, ComicBook.com, and Graphic Policy.

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