DC Future State Gossip: What Future Is There For Teen Titans?

It's future Titans and Teen Titans time. Because in January and February, DC Comics will be running a two-month event, Future State, looking at potential and possible futures for the DC Universe, their most prominent characters and their successors. Originally planned as the ongoing nature for these titles as 5G or Generation Five, it was truncated into two months instead. However, it is notable that some aspects will be continuing over from Future State into DC Infinite, from March 2021. And we know that Titans Academy in March will be reflected in Future State. Spoilers going in, be warned.

DC Future State Gossip: What Future Is There For Teen Titans?
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Because Bleeding Cool has heard a few things about Future State that may suggest what else is to come, including what's going down in the water, we may be talking a fair bit about that this weekend, and you can follow along on this handy DC Future State Bleeding Cool link.

We are told that in DC Future State, the Multiverse has been saved from the brink of destruction, but the triumph of DC's heroes has shaken loose the very fabric of time and space. And that the final chapter of Dark Nights: Death Metal brings new life to DC's Multiverse, kicking off this glimpse into the unwritten worlds of DC's future. But what of the Titans?

  • By 2027, the Titans Tower, where the original Teen Titans trained young superheroes, is destroyed. They turn to their former pupil Red X for help.
  • Meanwhile, the Flash Family's powers start being stolen due by unknown forces and they are forced to battle Wally West, possessed by a mysterious entity that had been trapped inside the Speed Force.
  • The destruction of the Titans Tower causes Raven to turn evil, forcing the world's mightiest mortal Shazam to finally intervene against her in 2029.
  • Because Wally West killed Wallace West, and now Barry Allen must deal with him too.
  • The graves of Titans include Donna Troy, Summer Xahid, Matt Price, Luca LaPorte, Wally West, Wallace West. Maybe Barry was successful then?

DC Future State Gossip: Wally West, What Did You Do? (Spoilers)

  • No matter how far into the future you go, Nightwing is still getting dick jokes from whoever happens to be Arrow at any given time.
  • Teen Titans to come, let my Starfire, include Bratgirl, Gorilla Gregg, Totally Tubular and both Jakeen and Johnny Chupacabra.
  • Bunker and Crush represent previous Titans teams. In Detroit, what remains of it, while it still exists.
  • And Beast Boy and Cyborg have merged into one being.
  • Bunker and Crush are still around in Detroit, while it exists. Bunker in the JLA Bunker.
  • And we have seen Dick Grayson as Nightwing will be a new Deathstroke –  and so definitely not Red X.
  • The Titans Academy was, at one point, called The Roy Harper Academy.
  • The DC Universe has had, at one point, a woman President. Kamala? Maybe. Well someone has to deal with Multiversal refugees,
  • More Titans, Miss Martian, Powerhouse, Vixen, Question and Shazam will be fighting Giganta and Manhunter Robot over their desire to bring Creeper back home to Kandaq – and the only slight reference you will get to Doomsday Clock in any fashion in Future State, it seems.

Feel free to check the tag for other Future State gossip – you may even find some other Titans-relevant stuff there as well.

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