Does Adventure Time Take Place In A Post-Apocalypse Seattle? The Seattle Weekly Thinks It Might…

The Seattle Weekly is putting two and two together and getting what it thinks is four. In an interview with comic artist Ian McGinty, reporter Kelton Sears puts forth his evidence in the guise of a pink elephant. More specifically a sign for Seattle's Elephant Super Car Wash and a very similar sign's appearance buried under rubble in Boom! Studios' Adventure Time #1.


The subject was addressed in the interview:

SEARS: Does Finn have any secret Seattle ties? This panel from one of the AT comics has the city's famous Elephant Car Wash sign hidden in the post-apocalyptic subterranean remains of Ooo. I've heard one of the artists who works on the comic is from Seattle, any other Easter Eggs you could reveal?

McGINTY: Look. You trying to start trouble? Huh?! HUH?!?! YEAH, YOU! I'M TALKING TO YOU!! What Finn does, eh, ain't my problem… maybe he's got some ties to Seattle, maybe he don't. DON'T PUSH ME. Hey, allright, okay. The guy's a warrior, a fighting machine, who am I to judge? Dude's got secrets I can't even comprehend. What I can say is BMO 's got some major ties in…nope, nope, can't do it. Too much. Listen, you seem like a good egg, and LSP's the boss and…oh, oh no…I've said too much…whoa, hey, back off, I didn't say nothin'! I swear!!Braden Lamb! He's the guy! And Shelli! Wait, help, I've said too much and-

That sure clears everything up…

McGinty drew the cover for the Emerald City Comic Con exclusive cover for Adventure Time #25 styled after the debut album cover for Seattle's own Nirvana.


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