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Dragon Age: Knight Errant #3 Review: Less Action Than You'd Expect

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dragon age: knight errant

You'd think that with wars constantly being waged and darkspawn roaming the land, Dragon Age: Knight Errant would be a lot more action-packed — but you'd be incorrect.

That said, there's nothing really wrong with this book. The art, done by Fernando Heinz Furukawa, is solid, but nothing breathtaking — a little bit of a letdown after the gorgeous covers done by Sechin Teng. Strong character design is what you'd expect, given the time period and the world in which they're working.

What I can say is that each character's movement is very fluid. As Vaea flits across buildings and hides in the tight crevices of the dungeon she's infiltrating, each movement feels natural. There's a bevy of emotions attached to each action — whether it's the sharp intake of breath as Vaea narrowly avoids a pair of guards, or laughter as Marquette puffs himself up for a fight. Characters are given characterization not so much by their appearance, but the manner with which they hold themselves and interact with each other.

Despite the fact that this is issue #3, the beginning few pages seem to still be setting things up. This would be fine if we were reading something a bit longer or playing a video game, but there's only so many pages before we run out of time.

The humor is well timed, not overly forced, and our protagonist Vaea is extremely likable. Personally, I'll always want more Varric, but I didn't mind leaving him behind to focus on her exploits. None of her jokes fall flat; though some of her motivations seem more than a little unclear. Only further issues will tell if that's done on purpose or simply weak justification.

This issue's writing is much like the art: passable, enjoyable to read, and fluid, just not captivating. However, while written by two authors (Nunzino DeFilippis and Christina Weir), nothing feels disjointed. Their writing styles are very compatible.

It should come as no surprise that Dragon Age: Knight Errant is a book for fans and nothing more. I'm not quite sure why anyone would bother with it if they weren't already huge fans of the Dragon Age series. If you like the games and want more of the extended universe, this is the book for you. You'll catch glimpses of old friends and make new ones alike. But if this is your first dip into the series? Don't bother. You'll just be left confused and bored.

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