Exclusive Extended Previews – Dresden Files: Dog Men #1, Re Rising: Sons of Ares #2, Sovereigns #2

Today's exclusive extended previews reminds me of my recent trip to the Phoenix Comic Con. I did a signing while I was there in the author area with two good sized crowds on either side of me. One was for Jim Butcher and the other for Pierce Brown. I sat in the middle trying to sell my book to their fans. We have the first issue of Butcher's new The Dresden Files: Dog Men co-written with Mark Powers and art by Diego Galindo and Brown's second issue of Red Rising: Sons of Ares co-written with Rik Hoskin and with art by Eli Powell.

But that's not all, we have a third preview today from Dynamite, Sovereigns #2 from Ray Fawkes and Johnny Desjardins with a Turok bonus story by Chuck Wendig and Alvaro Sarraseca.

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Dog Men #1

writer: Jim Butcher, Mark Powers artist: Diego Galindo cover: Diego Galindo

Jim Butcher's worldwide bestselling Dresden Files saga continues in this original limited series!
Harry Dresden is a man on the edge—and that is something that can be dangerous to friend and foe alike. He's been drafted by a senior member of the White Council of Wizards to investigate a series of murders in rural Mississippi. As always, there's more afoot than is immediately apparent. The question is, will Harry's state of mind keep him from seeing it, and will his actions lead him into direct conflict with the wizard who's depending on his help?

dresdendogmen001-int-cfo-1 dresdendogmen001-int-cfo-2 dresdendogmen001-int-cfo-3 dresdendogmen001-int-cfo-4 dresdendogmen001-int-cfo-5 dresdendogmen001-int-cfo-6 dresdendogmen001-int-cfo-7 dresdendogmen01-cov-a-galindo

Pierce Brown's Red Rising: Sons of Ares #2
writer: Pierce Brown, Rik Hoskin artist: Eli Powell covers: Toby Cypress (a), Eli Powell (b)

Pierce Brown's Red Rising continues with Sons of Ares! While the Sons of Ares are on the run as their mission takes a deadly turn, Fitchner Au Barca's time at The Institute is revisited. He learned many lessons there, but the most important of all was one of loyalty. The Peerless Scarred stand above all and look down on the rest. Their dismissal of one of their own proves to be a fateful error.

redrising02-1 redrising02-2 redrising02-3 redrising02-4 redrising02-5 redrising02-6 redrising02-7 redrisingsoa-02-cov-a-cypress redrisingsoa-02-cov-b-powell

Sovereigns #2
writer: Ray Fawkes (main), Chuck Wendig (Turok bonus story) artist: Johnny Desjardins (main), Álvaro Sarraseca (Turok bonus story) covers: Stephen Segovia (a), Johnny Desjardins (b), Álvaro Sarraseca (c), Jorge Fornés (c)

The growing mystery in the Lost Valley threatens to envelop the Earth and destroy any future mankind has. While Samson, last man on Earth, stalks the threat, little does he know the threat stalks HIM! And some five-hundred years earlier, Doctor Spektor faces his destiny while Magnus investigates a puzzle that will ultimately change everything!
BONUS TUROK STORY: Continuing the all-new saga of the all-new Turok from SOVEREIGNS #0: What's Turok's link to the outside world, and will that tie aid his quest or bring it down—along with his head?

sov002-cov-a-segovia sov002-cov-b-desjardins sov002-cov-c-sarraseca sov002-cov-d-fornes sovereigns02-1 sovereigns02-2 sovereigns02-3 sovereigns02-4 sovereigns02-5 sovereigns02-6 sovereigns02-7

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