Our Top 5 Series From Dark Horse Comics

Our Top 5 Series From Dark Horse Comics

There’s nothing like Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service.Hellboy and BPRD[caption id="attachment_1217930" align="aligncenter" width="300"] HELLBOY AND THE B.P.R.D.: THE RETURN OF EFFIE KOLB #1 by Mike Mignola and Zach Howard and published by Dark Horse Comics.[/caption]From the Hellboy side, Mignola’s creation occupies a nexus of old English ghost stories, two-fisted pulp, and Kirby-Esque pomp, while also[...]

Hellboy Launches BPRD Website for Hellboy Day

'Hellboy' Launches BPRD Website for Hellboy Day

March 23rd is Hellboy Day, and the powers that be over at Lionsgate pulled out all the stops to celebrate in conjunction with the upcoming reboot Hellboy film.One of the newly-launched celebratory things today just happens to be a brand new website dedicated to the BPRD, Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.Yes, we registered[...]

Hellboy Tiki Mug Coming to FYE in March

Hellboy Tiki Mug Coming to FYE in March

Hellboy is being immortalized with a new tiki mug that will be available in March. The mug will of course be in a red glazeway, and stands 7.5 inches tall. This is being released in anticipation of the new film opening in April. It will be available exclusively at FYE. These tiki mugs have been […]

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1956 #3 &#8211 Like Pieces On a Chess Board

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1956 #3 – Like Pieces On a Chess Board

[rwp_box_recap id="0"] Writers Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson lay out the players and locations in issue #3 of Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1956 like a chess game. While Hellboy parties in Mexico and Professor Trevor Bruttenholm embarks on his own operation, the B.P.R.D. is struggling to train new field operatives to pickup the slack. The […]

Hellboy Gets a New 1/12 Scale Figure from Dark Horse Direct

Hellboy Gets a New 1/12 Scale Figure from Dark Horse Direct

Hellboy is coming home, part of the new Dark Horse Direct line of collectibles. The 1/12th scale figure is being produced by 1000Toys with input from the character's creator, Mike Mignola. He will come with interchangeable hands, a swappable head, gun, sword, and a cloth duster as well. Hellboy stands at 7.5 inches tall and can […]

The Finale to Harrow County Plus a Ton of Manga Reprints: Dark Horse June 2018 Solicits

The Finale to Harrow County, Plus a Ton of Manga Reprints: Dark Horse June 2018 Solicits

Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook's Harrow County reaches its highly-anticipated finale. Xerxes, BPRD, Buffy, Black Hammer, American Gods, and more continue their runs Also, a lot of manga series are being reprinted, like New Lone Wolf and Cub, Samurai Executioner, and Vampire Hunter D All of this comes from Dark Horse's June 2018 solicits Details below[...]

Hellboy Krampusnacht Review: Quiet Innocuous and Gorgeous

Hellboy Krampusnacht Review: Quiet, Innocuous, and Gorgeous

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] It is late December in Austria. The year is 1975, and Hellboy finds himself haunted by the ghost of a woman pleading for him to help her boy. He arrives at a house inhabited by a lone old man. The old man summoned our heroic demon and has a request of his own. […]

Burning Season Rasputin And Jenny Finn Finale From Dark Horse Mignolaverse February 2018

Burning Season, Rasputin, And Jenny Finn Finale From Dark Horse Mignolaverse February 2018

2 hardback collection is being released as well.BPRD: Hell on Earth Volume 2 HC Mike Mignola (W), John Arcudi (W), Scott Allie (W), Tyler Crook (A), Jason LaTour (A), Max Fiumara (A), James Harren (A), Dave Stewart (C), and Laurence Campbell (Cover) On sale Apr 18 FC, 408 pages $34.99 HC, 7" x 10" America’s monster problem explodes, society crumbles, and Liz[...]

Maxxs Super Awesome Comic Review Show &#8211 Secret Wars Harrow County Injection Five Ghosts Ms. Marvel Saga &#038 More

Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – Secret Wars, Harrow County, Injection, Five Ghosts, Ms. Marvel, Saga & More!

Marvel #15Dark Horse Comics: Harrow County #1Marvel Comics: Secret Wars #2Where Do We Go From Here #1Also discussed: Jim Henson's Storyteller: Witches, the Exterminators, FBP, the Coffin, Deep Sleeper, Trees, Moon Knight, Northlanders, Bad Blood, BPRD, Avengers, Marvels, Fantastic Four, Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates, Love and Rockets, Strangers in Paradise, Sandman Mystery TheaterSee you again[...]

52 Thoughts About 51 Comics &#8211 Original Sin Hulk Vs Iron Man Rocket Raccoon Dicks Harley Quinn Ms Marvel She-Hulk Adventure Time X-Men Anniversary Batwoman Robin Rises Teen Titans Batman Eternal Futures End Red Hood X-Men BPRD Brain Boy Eye Of Newt Rat Queens Squidder Crossed Secret Avengers Stray Bullets Legenderry Ghost X-Files Shadow My Little Pony Devilers Last Broadcast Ash Littlest Pet Shop Translucid The Last Fall Judge Dredd Aphrodite IX/Cyberforce Wildfire Doberman TMNT Life With Archie Next Testament Sons Of Anarchy Black Market Doodle Jump Captain Action Cat Lady Zorro The Wicked + The Divine Dark Age And God Is Dead

45 Thoughts About 45 Comics &#8211 Original Sin X-Men Red Sonja Regular Show The Last Broadcast Witcher Lone Ranger Aphrodite XI Witchfinder Batman And Ras Al Ghul Futures End MPH Alex + Ada Minimum Wage Batwoman Wolverine And The X-Men Uncanny X-Men Iron Man Clive Barkers Next Testament Sex Criminals Wonder Woman Auteur Kill Shakespeare Doodle Jump Winter World Magnus Eye Of Newt Axecop Brainboy Buffy BPRD Star Wars Turtles x2 Star Trek Samurai Jack The Wicked And The Divine Powerpuff Girls My Little Pony Littlest Pet Shop Unity Harbinger Adventure Time Loki Thomas Alsop And Translucid

The Covers For Aliens Alien Vs. Predator And Prometheus: Fire And Stone

The Covers For Aliens, Alien Vs. Predator And Prometheus: Fire And Stone

 From the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas, our first look at the covers to Dark Horse's Aliens, Alien Vs Predator and Prometheus comic book crossover, Fire And Stone.And while they may be bringing the Star Wars titles to an end, they will be publishing a slate of new BPRD titles... From the Diamond[...]

Hellboy Day From London To Oklahoma City

Hellboy Day, From London To Oklahoma City

Here's an appearance at New World Comics in Oklahoma City from the BPRD... This afternoon, Duncan Fegredo, Mike McMahon and Lawrence Campbell were happily signing and sketching away at Gosh Comics in London, for Hellboy Day today, with comics, giveaways and eternal damnation. There were some nice biccies on hand for the creators.And a very[...]

Forty-Seven Thoughts About Forty-Seven Comics &#8211 Aquaman Nova Avengers World Pandora My Little Pony Batwoman Iron Man New Avengers X-Men Harley Quinn Aphrodite IX Undertow Suicide Squad Suicide Risk Star Wars Wonder Woman Terminator Buffy Daredevil Uncanny X-Men Superior Spider-Man Superman Unleashed Ms Marvel Loki Okko Samurai Jack Witcher Utrom Empire Supergirl Sex Criminals Adventure Time Clockwork Angels Cure A Voice In The Dark BPRD White Suits Skyman Zero Dark Horse Presents Transformers  Magic Illegitimates GI Joe Fuse Lazarus And Rocket Girl

Forty-Five Thoughts About Forty-Five Comics &#8211 Justice League New Warriors Harley Quinn Quantum &#038 Woody Amazing X-Men Batwoman Animal Man Terminator BPRD Conan God Is Dead Extinction Parade GI Joe Daredevil Captain America Uncanny X-Men Avengers World Unity Bloodshot And The Hard Corps Curse Dawn Of The Jedi White Suits Strain Vader DHP Skyman Bad Ass Kings Watch Voice In The Dark Midas Flesh Adventure Time Robocop Loki Joyners 3D Morning Glories Alex + Ada Peter Panzerfaust Undertow Savage Dragon Khan Jericho Godzilla Real American Hero Ben 10 and TMNT Conspiracy

Thirty-Four Thoughts About Thirty-Three Comics &#8211 Avengers New Avengers Adventure Time BPRD Nowhere Men Sheltered Morning Glories Zero Grimm GI Joe Transformers Imagine Agents Buzz Kill The Strain Brain Boy Bloodhound Star Trek: Khan Dark Nights Hellraiser X-Files Hunger Batwoman X-Men Legacy Wonder Woman Transformers X-O Manowar Batman/Superman Batman And Two Face Hawkeye Avengers Assemble Shoot First Guardians Of The Galaxy Bloodshot And Baltimore

A Bigger Hellboy For 2014

A Bigger Hellboy For 2014

To celebrate Hellboy's anniversary, Just announced at NYCC, Dark Horse are putting out a massive Hellboy collection for next year, and a special new BPRD series with a totally destroyed New York.Poor New York, it always seems to get destroyed these days...To celebrate Hellboy's anniversary, Just announced at NYCC, Dark Horse are putting out[...]