Frank Cho Sets Sights On The Elderly For Latest Outrageous Sketch Cover

As reported about extensively on Bleeding Cool (and by extensively we mean at least twice per week as firmly stated in our charter), Frank Cho loves to rile people up with his hilarious and edgy "Outrage" sketch covers, usually featuring a female superhero with an exaggerated figure wearing skimpy clothing while Spider-Gwen yells "outrage" in the background. It's a formula that works for Cho, due largely to the fact that Bleeding Cool – again, it's specified in our charter, we can't legally not do it – promotes each and every one with a sensational article.

Cho makes good money, it seems, by selling those covers at conventions. But like the polybagged, foil-embossed hologram #1 issues of the 1990s, fans who purchase these aren't likely to see them increase in value over the years. There's just way too many of them, and it's scarcity that drives up the price of collectibles. However, if you're looking into investing in some Frank Cho artwork so you can support his noble battle against censorship (censorship here defined as people saying mean things about Frank Cho on the internet), then his latest offering may be a good choice.

We know what you're asking: "Where is Batman's junk? This is a Bleeding Cool article about Frank Cho, and we clicked to see some naughty bits!" Well, not this time, friends. As far as we can tell, this is the first Frank Cho sketch cover in two years that doesn't feature a giant-breasted female superhero and a message trolling his detractors. It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity to own something unlike anything else on the market, and could be worth millions one day for whoever snaps it up!

But don't worry, dear readers. Just because this relatively inoffensive cover and accompanying clickbait article doesn't get you hard doesn't mean that Frank Cho and Bleeding Cool have gone soft. We're sure that Frank will be back to his outrageous antics soon, and when he does, you know Bleeding Cool will be right there to capitalize on it. Again, we're legally bound to do so.

Frank Cho Sets Sights On The Elderly For Latest Outrageous Sketch Cover

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