Free Death Vigil For Everyone – A Different Approach To Crowdfunding

deathvigilArtist Stjepan Sejic has his creator owned series Death Vigil and he wants to get the word out about it. But he doesn't want to go with the standard crowdfunding options… so he is offering Death Vigil up for free and if you like it and want to see more, buy the issues.

So I've been sitting here thinking… we live in the age of Kickstarter and Patreon…. people are supporting all sorts of projects… NO! I'M NOT SETTING UP A KICKSTARTER OR PATREON! I don't have the patience not the focus to handle all that… but it did get me thinking… if teasers for projects can get people to fund it… what about the full thing? I don't do crowdfunding. I make comics. I publish comics. If people love and buy my comics… I get to make more comics. So with that in mind. I will post the entirety of death vigil here. From there on it's in the hands of the readers. If you want to support the book being made, i will post the Comixology links, and Image digital links, as well as trade pre-order links. So if you feel this is your kind of comic, and it's something you want to see made in it's entirety… And can afford to support it by buying it… Thank you. If not, I still hope you like it. So with no further a do… this week I will be uploading issues.

Here is the Death Vigil #1 link you can find the rest of the issues in the gallery on that page.

And here are the Death Vigil links for Comixology, Image Digital and Amazon:………

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