Grant Morrison's Multiversity #1 Gives Us The Fantastic Four That Marvel Won't And – The Savage Dragon?

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So I pick up a comic of Multiversity #1. It's about a comic fan picking up a copy of Multiversity #1. In the comic, someone knocks at the door. The comic within the comic tells the reader not to open the door.

At that point someone knocks on my door.

I answer it. Just the postman. Or was it? What has been done to me?

Multiversity is the new self-aware comic journeying across the realities, picking up characters from different realities to unite against a common threat. You know, just like Spider-Verse right now. And the threat is destroying whole realities, moving from one to the next. You know, just like The Avengers right now. Except whole lot more meta.

Well, maybe just a bit more. Because, you know how in The Avengers, travelling from incursion Earth to incursion Earth, they met an alternative version of the Justice League? And then had Namor totally and utterly destroy that world – basically blow up the DC universe?

Well, in Multiversity #1, one of the Earths we encounter has a version of The Avengers, the Retaliators.

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Even more so, it has a version of the Fantastic Four battling a version of Doctor Doom.

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So if Marvel don't really want to publish The Fantastic Four any more, I know one publisher who fancies having a go…

Oh and just as Marvel has managed to get custody of Angela, created by Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman, so Grant Morrison has seemingly done a raid on Savage Dragon or should that be…?

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Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently featuring the Lords of Infinity exhibition,  with the works of Cristian OrtizAndy Poyiadgi and James Harvey, running until September 7th.

Lords of Infinity

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