Hawkman #2 Review: This Series Continues to Soar

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Hawkman looks back on his life as Prince Khufu and wonders if that was not truly his first life. In the present, Carter Hall is on his way to the British Museum. He believes that an old artifact he brought to the museum in a past life from the reign of Prince Khufu holds more clues to these past lives. While he's observing the artifact, he is suddenly pulled into the time of Prince Khufu and must battle his past self as Hawkman.

Hawkman #2 cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair
Hawkman #2 cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair

Hawkman #2 further dives into the mystery of Carter Hall's past lives while still providing some epic Hawkman action.

The balance between Winged Warrior and intrepid archaeologist has always been an interesting one; it's a dichotomy between fighting the present and preserving history. This story brings them together more closely, as one feeds the other. As such, we get to see a mystery impact and even stumble a self-assured and proactive hero in a way we've not often seen.

I'm not sure we've taken a deep dive into Carter's emotions yet, though the sense of being lost and adrift is a theme with the character this time around. The fight against Khufu finds him more passive than usual, but, given the circumstances, I can understand not wanting to start throwing punches with reckless abandon.

Hawkman #2 art by Bryan Hitch, Daniel Henriques, Andrew Currie, and Jeremiah Skipper
Hawkman #2 art by Bryan Hitch, Daniel Henriques, Andrew Currie, and Jeremiah Skipper

Bryan Hitch's artwork continues to be a gorgeous realization of the Winged Warrior and his world. The opening splash page of Prince Khufu and Chay-ara flying across the Egyptian sky is stunning. Hitch can also sequence and realize an action sequence very well, giving that necessary punchiness that makes a good comic book fight. Jeremiah Skipper is the color artist, and he blends some subtle shades together to well realize the atmosphere and tone of this book.

Hawkman #2 is another strong showing from the team of Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch. They show an excellent understanding of what makes this character great while still taking him in a new direction. The art and writing are both excellent, and this one gets a strong recommendation. Give it a read.

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